woohoo, sparkle!

pull out the confetti.... because
it's time to celebrate!
you're in for something good! 

at this very moment, i'm sending you an email with details about how to get into your new workshop!!

we're going to explore a BRAND NEW way for your business to grow... and you're going to love it.  it may take some hard work {don't worry - i've got all the tools you need}, but will be oh so worth it!
but before you go...

i'm a little worried my email may end up in your spam folder and you've gotta sign your workshop participation contract to get your log-in info!  so this is pretty important.  here's what i want you to do..

go into your email contacts and ADD ME as a new contact​.​​​​​​   

that way your email host knows i'm not a creeper!  
ha ha ha! my email is cyrissa@immersephotography.com. 

see you in class!