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I know that you probably have stage fright at this very moment. The thought of pressing that “broadcast” button can be enough to make you lose your…. marbles. Right?  But you can do this. In fact, I know you can and I’m going to help you.

You don't have to stay in the chatroom. Let me teach you to take the video stage with confidence! You can broadcast with success.  And you can do it NOW.  This self-led workshop will have you set-up in a few hours and will be a resource for you to use as you develop your Live Streaming strategy!  Video is the future of social media marketing... don't get left behind!

Together, we’re gonna make you shine on your next live broadcast!

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Want to know how I'm reaching almost 80% of my clients and getting 30-60% engagement rates on my posts?  For FREE - no boosts or ads needed.  I'll let you in on a dirty little secret.... I'm using live streaming video.  Think about your last post.  How many of your fans actually saw your post, let alone engaged with it?  Ready for a change?  Let's do this.

your 9 lesson mini-course includes


    why you need to leverage video NOW


    how to shine on your scope


    connecting to your fans


    ensuring you’re using best practices


    tips & tricks all presenters need to know


    my broadcast planning guide


    exploring other video platforms


    connecting to other broadcasters, brands & fans


    repurposing content & cross-promoting

plus a guide to all the gear & tools you need for a great broadcast!

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how is video impacting other creative entrepreneurs, just like you?

"Wait... 966 reached from a tiny 10 second Instgram video clip?!  I'm sold!  #cyrissaknowsherstuff"


"My first live broad cast reached 483 people, 254 viewed my video and I have 280 fans!!! I have received more client interested in me and what I do than I have ever had before truly blessed to have found you!"


"Tried my first Facebook live during a newborn session and the reach is unbelievable!  The sneak peeks only got 12 viewers.... but the video had over 500 in the same time period!  This is what I'll be doing from now on!"


"I manage social media for a local company.  We only had three live viewers, but when I checked this morning we had just under 1,000 views!  I'm officially a believer!  Cyrissa, you rock!"


"I created my first FB live video a week ago during my senior model team photo shoot. I made sure to add that I would be posting in Snapchat that evening as well. I gained lots of new Snapchat followers, and the video has been viewed 1.5k times!!! I love seeing the "k" in the number!  Thanks for the push Cyrissa!"


"About 6 weeks ago I decided to consistently get on live streaming every week. It has sucked some weeks and been awesome others.  It's still scary but I totally believe that if we do the thing that scares us repeatedly, eventually, it won't be so scary. So ... after 6 weeks and 12 live broadcasts, it is LESS scary and even starting to be fun!  Thanks for the inspiration!"


"My live feed reached exactly the amount of people that like my page (454), yet I posted a short video of my daughter and only got 72 followers reached.  Posted another live video 4 hours ago (with no tags) and have already had 600 reached - more than actually like my page!"


"I did my first live video!  1,309 reached, 656 views, and 7 new fans since yesterday!  This is crazy!!!! I had NO idea! Can't wait to do it again!"


"I think I'm addicted to doing live video and I have you to blame!"


"I loved Cyrissa's course!  With her fun class I was motivated to try and had great success! I had 966 people reached and 466 views with lots of hearts and comments. I also found that I love being on camera! I don't get nervous, I get excited! I just today mapped out two weeks of video topics. I can't wait to do more and feel uber grateful for the experience!"


"I loved learning so much about LIVE Video.  I went into this courses thinking I won't be going live on my business page very often because I am way to nervous (but knowing I needed to learn it).  I am not good at talking to a crowd of people even if I know what I am talking about.  I always fumble over my words get nervous and then hit the delete button!  Since taking the Live video course I'm going live more often and including it as part of my social media plan.  I've learned how much more interaction you receive from live video, how to broadcast at the right times, all the small details that you normally forget like, using a CTA, making a good title and so much more.  My last live video reached almost 900 people and 80 reacted to it....  That's crazy compared to the reach I get on a regular post!  My biggest takeaway from this is Cyrissa's line, make a plan or plan to fail.  It's so so so true.  If you get on there not prepared you will end up stumbling and deleting your post real quick before anyone gets on, like I use to do!"


I'm ready to broadcast like a boss!

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