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Hello My Sweet Creative!


I'm so glad you're here, because this is where our journey begins.  As a creative entrepreneur, we spend our days dreaming about our art, our services, and our products.  We know we have something beautiful to share with the world and are eager to do so... the only problem?  Often, as creatives, we get so wrapped up in creating the magic that we completely forget that we need to be sharing and selling our art with strategy and purpose.  And that's where I can help you.


Let me show you how to design a social media strategy that not only shows you how to establish yourself on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and live video, but helps you create more engagement on your posts, grow your online following and increase your sales!


You may not think it's possible to grow your business on social media, but it's entirely within your reach!  While I may have a six-figure company now, it hasn't always been like this!  In fact, when I left my full time teaching position {I taught elementary art for ten beloved years} I had ZERO business, marketing, or sales education.  My Master's in Art Education served my photography technique well... but I had to learn to be a business woman all on my own!


In the Social Spark, I'll show you the exact strategies I have used to establish myself on social media and teach you how to show-off your amazing art, speak to the heart of your ideal client, expand your circle of reach, and develop relationships that eventually translate to sales.  I know it may feel overwhelming, but I know that with a whole lot of hustle and heart, you can make it happen!


In the Social Spark, a social media for beginners course, I'm going to show you everything you need to know to establish yourself online, find your perfect client, use best practices in social media, and create a social media strategy that sets you up for continued success! 


Imagine feeling completely confident posting on social media each day for your photography business.  Imagine attracting the right type of clients who not only love what you do, but who are willing to pay your prices!  What would it look like if you were able to grow your social media following with qualified potential clients, each and every single day?  Four years ago, I only had 300 followers online.  Now, I'm pushing the 20k mark!  You can do it too!


If you are ready to make a positive change for your creative business, I am ready to help you make it happen!  You don't have to do this alone!  I've worked with thousands of photographers and creative entrepreneurs; helping them develop their unique strategy and niche within the online space!


I'll teach you the basics of what I've learned and show you how I've built a huge social media following that's enabled me to leave my full-time job, hire a team of amazing women, be with my family more, and hit six-figures in sales two years in a row!  With some hustle and heart, you can do it too, my friend!  Are you ready?  Link your arm in mine because it's time to shine online!

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Want to know how I'm reaching almost 30-50% of my clients {without paying for ads} and getting great engagement rates on my posts {despite algorithm changes}?!  It's easier than you think and I'd love to show you how you can make it happen for your own creative business too!  Think about your last post.  How many of your fans actually saw your post, let alone engaged with it?  How many of those fans converted into sales?  Ready for a change?  Let's #glitterdone!

the social spark includes six lessons; designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs!  here's what i'll teach ya!


    the essential strategies you must know to establish your creative business or products online!  these techniques are the foundation of social media marketing!


    learn to establish your brand & use sneaky tricks to optimize your page, expand your visibility, and outshine your competition online!


    this social media darling is one heck of a power-house when it comes to connecting with other creatives, targeting millennials, and selling online!  unlock it’s hidden, and glorious, potential!


    yes…. i know.  it’s your least favorite topic, but THIS ONE is the game changer!  learn to use live video to reach 30-50% of your audience and get sky-high engagement!


    pinterest is one of the most under-used platforms for creative entrepreneurs!  learn how to grow a national audience OR nurture your local clients by giving from abundance!


    this wildly popular app isn’t just for teens anymore!  learn how to reach an entirely new demographic, entertain your clients, and create fabulous multi-media content for your fans!

in total: over five hours of amazing content; all video based to make it easy for you to watch {or listen} wherever your busy life takes you!

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love letters from social spark participants!

  • Cyrissa, omg.... can I just say THANK YOU.  I started the Social Spark class last night.  I've watched lesson 1 and the Facebook lesson.  You have opened my eyes to what I've been doing wrong this whole time!  Looking forward to working through this class and learning more!  Sidenote: I did the "invite" trick last night on a few photos and woke up to 6 more likes and 5 more followers! Thanks again for a great class, It's only day 2 and I'm learning a lot!
    Linda Linda Linda Michelle Photography
  • My daughter and I are in business together and we finally did a FB Live (not believing it would benefit us at all because we had done some small short ones in the past with not much engagement because they were boring and uninformative.) Pushed through it anyway knowing we wouldn't have much live engagement and as of today it's had 429 views and 14 comments!! It lead to some sales and we will be doing it again soon! Thanks for empowering us and giving us the confidence to do it!  All I can say is, it's scary as heck, but worth it!! Things of great worth don't come easy!!!!  Thank you!
    janine & jessica janine & jessica poppies & posies photography
  • Eeekkk! Cyrissa, I hadn't even gotten past the Social Spark intro before I was pumped up! You are the freakin bomb! And, now that I have gotten into the content, I can say that that you are a complete Godsend and a total social media goddess! You have saved me from myself and I cannot thank you enough.  The Facebook segment alone has given me the inspiration, drive and excitement to commit to not only doing this right, but fabulously.  The love you show to us in the industry and the way you help us grow is so inspiring. I seriously heart your face!  Much love and hugs!
    Sam Sam Willful Soul Images

How do you know if you're right for the class?

if you can relate to four out of the five following statements, you're going to LOVE this workshop!

  • you're a creative entrepreneur; committed to the success of your business and you know you need to be using social media to grow!
  • you have a Facebook page, and maybe a few other accounts, but you know you're not using them to their fullest potential!
  • you're ready for a change in your business and believe you have the hustle and the heart to make it happen!
  • you're struggling to find the time to hunt online for social media tips and would rather have a professional teacher tell you everything you need to know... on one website {not all over the internet}!
  • your sales aren't where you'd like them to be, and you need to connect with and attract more clients who love your art and are willing to pay your prices!

I'm ready to learn how to grow, market and sell my awesomeness online!

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