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make more money for your photography business now!

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Catherine - Catherine Hatfield Photography Catherine - Catherine Hatfield Photography

Sparkle Academy was so transformative–both professionally and personally. This workshop provided me with everything I needed to teach my own photography class and will long remain a high point of my life. Thanks again…. I am feeling energized and eager to continue teaching my classes regularly, you made it so easy for me and I can’t wait to use all of my new teaching tools. I will absolutely recommend this workshop to other photographers!

Ashley - Seare Studios Ashley - Seare Studios

I doubted my abilities before this course, but i definitely am proof that this works!! I did the work and was amazed at how much my community responded! This will be huge for my family!!

Hey, Love Muffin!

Want to learn to to effectively teach photo classes, using the same strategies I used to leverage in my elementary art classroom?  I'll show you best practices in education... while sharing tips and tricks to keep the energy high, the pace manageable, and the classroom a whole lotta fun!

But you and I both know it doesn’t stop there!  You’ve got to learn how to promote your new class and fill those seats!  I’m going to share the exact marketing strategies I’ve used to grow my six-figure company and help you avoid the biggest mistakes that most photographers are making!

And, because I know you’re super limited on time, I’m even going to share my email templates, customizable workbook templates, powerpoint slide deck, website sales page template, and videos of me teaching my own class in real-time!  Yup - you get ALL of those things included in your Sparkle Academy tuition and we can, literally, have your class up and off the ground in a few hours! No other workshop out there gives you ALL the tools you need to succeed and helps you bring your beginning photography class to life this quickly!

cyrissa sparkle society

Kellyn - Kellyn Wilson Photography Kellyn - Kellyn Wilson Photography

The Sparkle Workshops that I have completed have been the best investment in my business hands down! I thought I knew all that I needed to know about running a successful photography business but little did I know there was so much more to learn! After completing Sparkle Academy I had the tools I needed to update my business plan and succeed. My mentality shifted from I can't to I can and the bookings and income started and continue to roll in. The best part was meeting all of my Sparkle Team Members that are now my best friends! Thank you Cyrissa for your guidance and friendship!

Elizabeth - Elizabeth Simpson Photography Elizabeth - Elizabeth Simpson Photography

i am no longer worried about having the perfect place to hold a course!! I am currently putting all of these lessons into place and i will make an extra $4,000 during the next slow season thanks to Sparkle Academy!! With that kind of income increase and so little time… how can you afford NOT to take this course?!

create your own photo class now!

i'm going to show you how to teach a photography class & develop your curriculum in 12 comprehensive lessons.  once finished, you'll have designed you very own photo course specifically for beginner photographers {soccer moms, hobby photographers, and business owners}!  here's what i'll teach ya!

Here's what I'll cover in the course...


    learn to introspectively look at your heart and your business, then use those insights to design a course that enables you to teach with joy!


    before you can design your content, you need to decide how you’ll teach your class!  large-group?  one-on-one?  multi-day?  discover what’s right for you!


    most photographers make their classes WAY too advanced.  let’s discuss what people really want to know and create curriculum based upon their prior knowledge.


    in order to effectively teach you need to understand learning modalities, how the brain works, and teaching techniques that the pros use every day!


    this is the most overlooked, but important, lesson of them all!  understand the role your website, workbook, slide deck, location & learning extensions play in your business.


    evaluate what you’ll offer, the value you’ll add to your student’s lives, and time you’ll spend away from your family.  this is a hot topic but i’ll tell you exactly what’s worked for me!


    craft a series of offers that speak to the heart of your ideal student, build a rapport with your audience, and nurture them before you ask for the sale.


    this is the important stuff!  learn how to leverage your community, integrate ads, design email sequences & define your refund policies.


    what exactly do you say and do when you have a classroom full of students?  let me show you how i pace my class, get them talking, allow for questions, and give them plenty of time to apply what they’re learning.


    the beautiful part about teaching a workshop is that once you’ve taught it once, you can repeat the exact content over and over!  learn how to keep that momentum going & ensure high enrollment!

in total: several hours of amazing content; all video based to make it easy for you to watch {or listen} wherever your busy life takes you!

Rejoicing Rebecca Photography

i’m pumped to have another tool in my tool-belt when it comes to finding ways to make money for my family!! I’ve already done the legwork from the lessons, and am ready to make my own workshop happen!

Rejoicing Rebecca Photography
unlock immediate access to the workshop now

and yes.  i'll even show you my exact curriculum and you'll have a chance to grab a copy of my workbook and powerpoint if you want 'em!

let me tell you about all the bonus aspects of the program.

Private Facebook Group for Academy Alumni

Want to collaborate with other Sparkles and have a direct line of communication with Cyrissa?  This is the place to share ideas, work together and build your confidence!

Videos of Cyrissa Teaching Her Own Workshop

The was the most requested feature from our Beta testers!  Want to know how to explain ISO to a newbie? Watch her make it happen in real time with real students!

Professional & Customizable Workbook Templates

Cyrissa’s personal designer created a workbook template that is not only gorgeous, but ready to be customized with your info!
*This will be delivered as an In-Design file.  You’ll either need to have working knowledge of this program or hire a designer to help you.

Customizable Powerpoint Slide Deck

This slide deck is the perfect companion to the customizable workbook template.  Both resources contain the same information to ensure that your lessons stay professionally organized and on track!

Email Templates to Nurture Students

Not sure how to prepare your students for your workshop?

Customize Cyrissa’s emails before class, then follow-up with them again after class to ensure a great experience!

Social Media Posts

Marketing is, easily, one of the most frustrating parts of creating a workshop.  Remove the stress by using some of Cyrissa’s posts and a starting point for promoting your own beginning photo class!

Testimonies Toolkit

Want to have powerful testimonies to help sell future classes?  Let me show you how to use simple forms {I’ll share my templates} to assess their knowledge pre-class, post-class, and measure overall workshop happiness!

Done for You Sales Page & Emails from Sticky Folios

Overwhelmed with the thought of writing and designing your emails and sales page?  The Sticky Folios team has taken all of my resources, designed them for you, and is giving you three months of free membership {valued at over $200}.  This suite of bonuses will save you tons of time and have you online faster than you could ever have imagined!

Private Video Training from LawTog

Rachel Brenke from the Lawtog is offering discounts on workshop contracts for everyone who purchases Sparkle Academy. Not only that but she's is also giving you EXCLUSIVE TRAINING!


On average, the ladies who bought the workshop, did the work and hosted a photography class made $1383!

your sparkle academy tuition includes
for only $797.00

  • 7 videos, 10-40 minutes each, all protected by an online membership site!
  • all videos are unlocked after registration! no waiting!
  • lifetime access & updates to the program!
  • access to our private facebook group with other academy alumni!
  • videos of cyrissa teaching her class LIVE {our most requested bonus}!
  • customizable workbook templates to save you time!
  • workshop marketing email swipe copy {you can copy and paste}!
  • social media posts to help you promote your class & fill seats!
  • customizable powerpoint slide deck that complements the workbook!
  • testimony toolkit to help you measure success & grow your classes!

This workshop is the only one of its kind.  Period. End of story.

While you can find other templates, you’re not going to find anyone actually teaching you how to successfully use those documents as part of an overarching strategy.

I’ve got a Masters degree in Art education, ten years of classroom experience, and have been teaching beginning photo classes for eight years.  I know exactly what it’s going to take for you to experience long-term success.

You need a comprehensive understanding of teaching methods, a marketing plan, a website to help you sell, emails to nurture potential students, and the confidence to believe that you really truly do have what it takes to teach.  Because you do.

And all of the things you need are right here.  In the Sparkle Academy.

I’m literally giving you my personal business plan.  Every single tool you need to add substantial income to your business {did I mention that I make around $2k every time I teach a full day of classes} and make it all happen quickly are included in the Sparkle Academy.

It’s everything you need. Start to Finish.

Learn to set yourself apart from the crowd by diversifying your income, adding value to your community, and blessing your family with increased profits when you teach photography classes.  Sparkle Academy is exactly what you’ve been wanting. Are you ready to do what nobody else is doing and experience the success that everyone else is missing?

I’m reaching out my hand… but it’s up to you to take the first step.

I’ll see you in class.

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How do you know if you're right for the class?

if you can relate to seven out of these ten statements, you're going to LOVE this workshop!

  • you feel comfortable with photography & your camera!
  • you have a definite slow season in your business {but still need income}!
  • sometimes, after photoshoots, your body is tired & achy.
  • you love teaching others how to use their camera!
  • you wish photoshoots weren't the ONLY way to create an income!
  • you are motivated and willing to work hard to develop a class!
  • you want to leave a legacy & impact the world with your photography gifts!
  • you could use an extra $1,000-3,000 a month in your family budget.
  • you don't have time to run around online and figure this out on your own!
  • you want your business to be a BLESSING and not a burden on your life!
register for Sparkle Academy

Your Questions, Answered!

Cyrissa is a highly trained teacher and pro photographer in Ohio.  She's earned a Master's of Art Education, boasts ten years of classroom experience, and has thousands of students in her online communities. You'll benefit from the data she's learned from eight years of teaching beginning photo classes.  Learn how to teach photography in your very own workshop; with style and success!

Will it work?

While I firmly believe in trusting your gut, I do NOT believe in letting limiting beliefs and/or fear control you. That's not the best way to look at an investment that could potentially transform your business.  Listening to that little voice in your head that’s asking you over and over: “Will this work? Is this the answer? What if it doesn’t work for me? How is this really different from everything else I’ve tried before?" may be holding you back from success.

Here’s the thing: the investment you’re about to make in Sparkle Academy isn’t really a business investment - it’s an investment in yourself.

I can’t categorically promise that Sparkle Academy will work for you or that I can help change your life – only you have control over that.

What I can promise is that the content I teach in this program has worked for me personally as well as dozens of others who have applied these lessons and seen the difference that it has made to the bottom lines of their businesses.

I’m just not sure I’m ready to make this investment…

I totally get that investing in yourself can feel challenging and frivolous even, especially if you’ve already invested tons in coaching and other tools to run your business this year.

You might feel like Sparkle Academy is a huge investment right now and I get it - other students have felt the same way in the past too.

But what I also know is that after those same students started working through the program, growing their customer base and making sales that they could trace right back to their marketing efforts, they felt that investing in Sparkle Academy was one of the best decisions they could have ever made.

If you can get just a handful of people to register for your first class, this workshop will pay for itself.  And not just once.  Over and over again, every time you teach your class.


How do I pay?

You can purchase Sparkle Academy with any major credit card.


I’m enrolled!  What happens next?

Once your purchase is complete you’ll be sent your login details to the Sparkle Academy membership site. Take the opportunity to set yourself up for success by blocking out time to actually do the work. The program is available instantly upon purchase.


What if I find the program isn’t for me?  Can I get a refund?

I truly believe in the power of this program and have witnessed first-hand the extraordinary results that our students get after taking Sparkle Academy. This workshop was lovingly created and the content taught is based upon what I’ve learned while earning my Masters degree in art education, spending ten years in the classroom, and eight years of experience teaching beginning photo classes.

It’s all based in fact, data and professional experience.  I’m confident that asking for a refund will never cross your mind, but if it does, I’m offering you a 30-day money back guarantee.  As this workshop only works if you do, you must provide evidence that you have completed all the trainings and made a good-faith effort to complete the tasks outlined in the workshop.


Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

Not if you don’t want to, but know that this is where you’re going to form sparkly friendships AND be able to connect directly with me, Cyrissa and the Sparkle Team. This is also where we'll be providing the links to all your bonuses, templates and downloads.  We will not be emailing out individuals links and you'll not find them on the website.  If you choose not to take part in the Facebook group, do so knowing you’ll almost certainly be missing out!

What if I don't know InDesign and only know Photoshop? Can I get the workbook in a Photoshop Template?

No, we don't offer it in Photoshop because that's not what Photoshop was designed for. InDesign is the best program to make sure your workbook is full of great content and beautiful. If you want help with your workbook design, you can work with my designer at a greatly reduced fee. Just think, if you can register ONE extra person in your workshop, you could hire her and have a beautiful branded workbook. And I promise, that's worth every penny!

I'm ready to diversify income streams for my business, support my family {even in the slow season}, and use my gifts to bless and enable other photography enthusiasts!

make a smart move for your business now

the workshop is $797!

this workshop was designed for photographers who feel comfortable with the technical side of photography and are ready to help others.  we will focus on teaching an in-person class and will NOT be working through the logistics of creating an online class.  if you don't have the time to devote to curriculum development and embrace new ways of growing your company or don't want to teach in-person, this probably isn't the workshop for you!  want to know for sure?  send me an email and let's chat!  cyrissa@immersephotography.com