everything you need to jump-start your photography business


i'm so excited to announce my newest workshop, "the sparkle startup," premiering in spring 2016!  if you are in your first year of business, are ready to take yourself seriously, and want an introductory course to help you take all of the right steps now - this course is perfect for you!  we'll be exploring pricing, the mental mindset that matters, tools for photographers, social media pages, and more!  the sparkle startup is EVERYTHING i wish i had when i began my own photography journey!

while this course makes it's debut in spring 2016, i am looking for 20 ladies to beta test the course for me prior to it's launch.  are you the right woman for the job?!  drop your email in the box below and i'll shoot you an email with all the juicy details that will help you make an informed decision!  pre-registration is open until 12/31/15 and the beta course will be delivered 02/01/15 - will you be there?!

xoxo, cyrissa WHITE

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