you were made to be awesome

sparkle school is eight lessons and ten weeks of intensive business training.  you already possess the unique gifts and skills you need to succeed.... now it's time to unlock those talents and let them sparkle and shine online!  this will be an intense journey and it might not always feel like you're making progress.  but every little step matters!  when you're having a rough week, watch this love letter from me to you.  remember, you can cry about it or you can dance about it.  and believe me, i'm gonna dance.  will you join me?

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your course outline

module one: may 22
module two: may 29
module three: june 5
module four: june 12
mid-course break: june 19
module five: june 26
module six: july 3
module seven: july 10
module eight: july 17
course wrap-up: july 24

start here

you may navigate around our website using the tabs at the top of the screen.  prior to the start of class, explore the "pre-course" page to properly prepare for sparkle school!  you have a few short assignments to complete before we start this sparkly adventure!  i'll see you in class!