social media ads

• boosting posts vs. creating facebook ads
• the basic ad manager
• facebook's power editor
• the step by step process of creating a facebook ad & an instagram ad
• re-targeting with facebook pixels

congrats on finishing sparkle school!  this is some POWERFUL content that can really help you elevate your business FAR BEYOND where you are now.  this content will walk you through a basic understanding of facebook ads, content creation, and some advanced strategies.  please know this is a HUGE topic and people teach entire courses on facebook ads - this is just the tip of the iceberg!  get into these videos and let me know what you think!


boosting a post vs. creating a facebook ad campaign

the ad manager, power editor, & the step by step process

* around the 19 minute mark, you're going to hear me talk about the "display link."  recently facebook has REALLY gotten strict about your display link matching your actual URL.  what does this mean? links may or may not get approved.  be aware of that as you create! *

re-targeting your clients

"the goal of marketing is to know and understand your client so well that your products sell themselves."