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Hey Sweet Photographer!


Are you ready for some business coaching for photographers?!  I know that you have a beautiful gift to share with the world... but sometimes, as creatives, we get so wrapped up in creating the magic that we completely forget that you are, indeed, running a business.  And that's where I can help you.


I consistently sell-out my photoshoots in two hours and always have a waiting list.  Want the same?  Let me show you how to design a strategy for your photography business that creates successful {and sustainable} long-term growth; leading to more bookings and sales for your photography business!


I'll show you the exact strategies I have used to launch my business {even though I had ZERO marketing or business training} and what I did to survive {and thrive} in an incredibly over-saturated market, full of talented photographers!  I know it may feel overwhelming, but I'll be here, mentoring and encouraging you every step of the way.


In this eight week business for photographers course, I'm going to show you everything you need to start {or grow} your beloved photography business.  We'll make sure you're legal, you know who you are, you're priced for profit and that you're using social media, email marketing, and an array of other tools to work smarter {not harder} to grow your photography business.


Imagine feeling completely confident in your business strategy and knowing that, despite any ups and downs in the market, you have a long-term plan for success.  We'll start with the basics and build your learning from there; so that even users who are already comfortable with some basic business strategies will walk away with new skills!  If you are in your first three years of business, there's something for you here!


May I come alongside you in this business for photographer's workshop?!  You don't have to waste hours online trying to figure it out and you definitely don't have to do this alone!


I'll teach you what I've learned and show you how I've built a company that's enabled me to leave my full-time job, hire a team of amazing women, be with my family more, and hit six-figures in sales two years in a row!  With some hustle and heart, you can do it too, my friend!  Are you ready?  Link your arm in mine because it's time to shine online!  immerse workshops cyrissa sparkle society

What is Sparkle School?

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love letters from the sparkle sisterhood

  • Sparkle School is paying off big time!  I'm (slowly but surely) making so much progress from where I was when I started!  The day I opened my booking calendar, I was flooded with inquiries (which has never happened before); your method of booking is working out so well! I seriously cannot thank you enough for being so sparkly and loving to us Sparkles!  This is the first class that I've taken that has actually inspired me and motivated me to follow through and apply everything I have learned! I am so excited to keep applying what I have learned and growing my business to make my dreams come true! You gave me the knowledge and support I needed to believe I can do this and I'm ready to #glitterdone!
    Courtney Jo Courtney Jo Stolen Memories Photography
  • Here we are, six weeks into the Sparkle School workshop and I have officially made back what I spent on the class!  My business is still growing {due to a recent move}, but I've made more in the last month than I have the entire time I have been in the area!  And messages are still picking up!  I actually got to tell my husband some good business news!  Today, I finally felt like my business could pick up and get better!
    Jamie Jamie Precious Stones Photography
  • Six months after Sparkle School I have worked with 9 families, 2 engagements, 2 seniors, and 1 small wedding. I have doubled my profit from last year, have gained confidence in my work, and I have begun to discover the genres of photography I like best.  I feel like a real business and I am proud to say I own my own business. I am setting goals for next year and formulating plans on how to get there. What also drives me is my desire and my passion to continue to photograph anything and everything that passes in front of my lens!  I am so glad I finally took a chance on myself and I am seeing it pay off!
    Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Elise Photography
  • In less than 24 hours, all of my mini-sessions were booked and 25% of my full sessions (it took three days last year)!  It wasn't long before I was completely sold out and I'm shooting more than double the clients I did last year!  I'M TOTALLY WINNING!  The biggest lesson I took away from Sparkle School was that I'm my own worst enemy.  I have been sabotaging my business for 10 years.  10 years!  Once I faced that head on, I was able to start putting your teachings into action. The bigger pieces that overwhelmed me like the pricing, scheduling and booking are no longer a challenge. I just can't fully describe how awesome it feels to be ahead of the game!  I still fight the sabotaging dragon daily, but I know what to defeat it now!
    Jayne Jayne Be Sweet Light

What's Included

  • Video Based Lessons

    Fun and friendly videos packed with value

  • Community

    Our private Facebook page deepens your learning

  • Personal Attention

    Feedback & Support from Cyrissa

  • Podcasts

    To answer your questions & deepen your understanding

  • Bonus Resources

    Interviews & downloads to extend your learning

  • Shine Sheets

    Notes to guide & help you apply each video lesson

  • Sparkle Challenges

    To help you apply your learning & see results

  • Client Satisfaction

    Past participants rated my courses 9.4 out of 10 stars!

Your Sparkly Modules

Each week, a new module will be delivered right to your inbox.  That week's topic will be taught through:

•  3-4 video lessons •  worksheets to enrich your learning •  assignments encouraging you to apply your new skills • a highly interactive & private facebook group... with direct access to me •  bonus materials and interviews to extend your knowledge • a podcast addressing your specific questions •  all kinds of other fabulous sparkly things

Here's a detailed break-down of what you can expect to see in this eight week course!

  • 1

    Module One: Finding Your Voice

    Understand Your Voice, Ideal Client & bringing the two together!

  • lay the foundation
  • define your personal identity
  • clarify business goals
  • define your ideal client
  • listening to your client
  • you + client = awesome

  • 2

    Module Two: Worthy of Trust

    Make sure your business is official, legal, & protected

  • define your brand
  • government requirements
  • the right insurance
  • contracts for photographers
  • your website
  • vendors of value

  • 3

    Module Three: What are You Worth?

    Pricing Your Business for Profit

  • be a blessing... not a burden
  • more than minimum wage
  • the cost of doing business
  • know your numbers
  • pricing your work
  • selling strategies

  • 4

    Module Four: Shine on Social Media

    Learn to make your accounts shine online

  • your online presence
  • build your brand
  • engage with your fans
  • facebook, instagram & more
  • social media strategy
  • grow your audience

  • 5

    Module Five: Schedule Your Sanity

    Take control of your schedule and your life

  • when will you work?
  • maximize your time
  • take control of your calendar
  • systems & workflows
  • survive in busy season
  • a life outside of photography

  • 6

    Module Six: Play Hard to Get

    My Exact Booking Strategy {I consistently sell-out in under two hours}

  • psychology of selling
  • learning to say no
  • the power of an email list
  • scarcity, urgency & demand
  • filling your calendar
  • learn to consistently sell out

  • 7

    Module Seven: Client Communication

    Streamline your interactions with your clients & save time

  • informed client = happy client
  • eliminate email overwhelm
  • strategies & shortcuts
  • tools & resources to save time
  • studio management
  • spend more time making art

  • 8

    Module Eight: Build a Community

    Community over competition... it wins every single time

  • share from abundance
  • how to ask for help
  • collaborate with your peers
  • mentoring relationships
  • partnering with vendors
  • find or create community

join the sparkle school waitlist

love letters from the sparkle sisterhood

  • Before I started Sparkle School I was lacking the self confidence to proudly say "YES, I am a photographer!"  I was the timid emoji girl raising my hand up half heartedly, scared that if I said I am a photographer someone would promptly tell me I was not.  Sparkle School gave me the confidence to put myself out there and really start to grow my business through the support of Cyrissa and the lovely ladies in the Sparkle Sisterhood! Cyrissa is one of the biggest cheerleaders I know and she created a wonderfully safe place for all of us to ask questions, get feedback, celebrate victories and best of all support one another in our businesses and on this crazy journey of life!  Honestly, I believe that I am still in business because of the course! Without it I would be completely lost and I wouldn't have the support system or the confidence to keep moving forward and growing my business!  My income doubled in the last year and this is just the beginning!
    Megan Megan Millis Photography
  • Sparkle School put me on the fast track to success and I would never have done, it if not for Cyrissa's mentoring!  She wants you to succeed and is willing to take the time to make sure that you do.  I am now in my second year of business and I am already booking out my entire reservation book!  When I signed-up, I was concerned Sparkle School would be like other online courses I had taken (but not received the value in return from the instructor or the lessons)... I thrilled to say, Sparkle School will NOT leave you disappointed!  The support from Cyrissa and my fellow Sparkle classmates has left an impression on my life and I truly feel that they are my sisters at heart!
    Leah Leah Leah Wagner Photography
  • Sparkle School with Cyrissa is fabulous! She taught me so much about running my business, how to expand my marketing and how to grow my business. But all of that you can learn pretty much anywhere. My biggest take away from Sparkle School was MOXIE! Cyrissa and my Sparkle Sisters gave me the confidence I needed to stand tall and be more than a mom with a camera - they made me a photographer. They breathed into me the strength to say "This is me. This is my art. I'm worth it." (Actually, I'm worth 4x what I was charging before I started.) Cyrissa has challenged me and pretty much karate kicked me out of my comfort zone and into my passion. She's encouraged me when I wanted to quit, cried with me when I needed cry and yes, even angry Cyrissa'd me when I misplaced my Sparkle. Thank you so much Cyrissa from the bottom of my pink glitter covered heart for all that you do! love always your Pink Starburst, Erin
    Erin Erin Erin Barkel Photography


Social Media Followers


Master's Degree in Art Education




Years Teaching Workshops


Years Classroom

Sparkle School Will Help You Succeed

Each module is loaded with the core business strategies that every photographer should know!   We'll work together to help you develop and grow your brand so you not only survive, but thrive in this creative market.  At the end of the eight weeks, you'll have more confidence, new clients, and increased revenue for your business.  You'll find 24 video lessons, 24 worksheets for note taking, tons of bonus materials, interviews from industry experts... it's everything you need!

What You'll Enjoy in Sparkle School

Cyrissa's Personalized Attention

In Sparkle School, you're not just gaining knowledge - you're gaining a mentor.  In our private Facebook group, I'll personally answer your questions and help you work through your business challenges.  This is more than a workshop - this is a relationship and you won't be walking this path alone.  I'll be here every step of the way.

Weekly Modules

Each week, we'll cover a specific topic and dive deep into the nuances of that theme.  You'll find three video lessons, worksheets to help you stay on track and extend your learning, bonus give-aways and interviews with industry experts, plus weekly podcasts to answer your exact questions.  It's everything you need to be successful!

the #SparkleSisterhood

Our facebook page is where our community lives and is always THE place to be - both during and after the course!  You'll have a strong sisterhood of ladies ready to encourage, comment on your posts (that's a true friend), and problem-solve when things get tricky.  This has the potential to be your fave part of Sparkle School!

Meet Your Mentor


Hey Love Muffin!


I'm Cyrissa, and I'm about to be your biggest cheerleader!  I'm a photographer, highly trained teacher, and know that I was put here on this planet to love on and encourage others!  This course wraps those three passions into one big sparkly gift of awesomeness!

I have a Masters in Art Education and spent ten years teaching in a highly awarded Ohio school district.  Thousands of students, both children and adults, have come through my classroom. Why does that matter for you?  Well, I've got the experience and knowledge to be able to teach in a way you will truly understand.  Ever read or listened to something that went right over your head?  Not here.  Not in Sparkle Media.


I'm going to explain everything in a simple way... so you understand.  And, if you don't, we'll keep working on it - together.


I'm known for encouraging and mentoring other photographers... and have a reputation for being social media savvy.  I teach workshops and mentor small groups of photographers on a regular basis, and consider many of my past participants my friends... not just clients.

On a professional note, I was a featured on-stage guest on two CreativeLive Courses {Instagram & Social Media}, the Photography Power Hour, have spoken at pro-photographer events and WordPress conferences, and been a guest on Sticky Albums, Swift Galleries, the Sprouting Photographer, Cashtography, the Canada Photo convention, the Gift Biz Breeze, My Creative Biz Coach, and several others!  I've written a published article in the Ohio Journal for Gifted Children, been published on the cover of Where Women Create Business, and have been a guest blogger on the Photography Spark, Senior Style Guide, Iris-Works, and the Confetti Bar.

My business has been built with a strong grassroots marketing focus.  My followers and my clients come exclusively through word of mouth marketing, hashtags, and intentional social media strategy.


I've grown my company to a place where my reservation books consistently sell out within two hours and I always have a waiting list.


And I've done all that without blogging or using SEO on my website.  By strategically and authentically sharing my voice on social media, employing strong business skills to back my talent, and creating multiple different streams of revenue, I've been able to grow my six-figure company and help support my family with my photography.  I'd love to help you do the same.


I know that, with this course and a lot of hustle and heart, you can drastically change your everyday life too.


And you can do it RIGHT NOW.  I'm ready to link arms and support you through the challenge.  Are you?

immerse workshops cyrissa sparkle society

join the sparkle school waitlist

love letters from the sparkle sisterhood

  • Sparkle Society has been a serious game changer for my business.  I have found my voice, confidence, and set my business on the path to success. The course allowed me to work at my pace, pause when I needed to take notes, and write my own ideas for how to implement the material. The engagement in the FB page has been amazing! The entire group has helped each other along the way!  Cyrissa doesn't hold back at all and genuinely loved seeing all of our businesses grow in our own way. Thanks to Immerse Workshops, I am now booking more of my ideal clients, charging what I need to contribute to my family, and using Social Media to my advantage rather than being frustrated by all the new changes. I am not joking when I say this is by far the BEST investment made to my business to date.
    Gabby Gabby Gabby Sherer Photography
  • The Sparkle courses have exceeded my expectations and have taken my brand new business so much further than I ever imagined.  Cyrissa is an amazing instructor, she is so encouraging and a wealth of information.  This class has done wonders for my business.  This summer was my first season in business, and applying the knowledge I gained from Sparkle Courses, I was able to sell out my summer sessions plus my social media following has more than doubled.  I'm excited to move forward with my business and to continue the friendships I made within the Sparkle Sisterhood Community.
    Amy Amy Amy Louise Photography
  • Cyrissa’s course has taken me from feeling like I was just surviving in my business to feeling like I am proactively pursuing the successful business I have dreamed of. I feel like I am now in charge of the direction and success of my business- not just reacting to what gets thrown my way. She shares her knowledge with passion that is contagious and creates a class environment that leads to an authentic and supportive community- something I am truly thankful for!
    Jenny Jenny Jenny Starkley Photography

No More Sitting On The Fence

This amazing course is only offered ONCE a year!  Believe  in yourself, plan to have more time with your family, and invest in your business RIGHT NOW!  No more waiting.  No more wishing.  Let's make it happen NOW!  You deserve to sparkle and shine.  I'll show you the way.

Risk Free Guarantee

I’m very confident that you’re going to find so much value from Sparkle School that a refund will never even cross your mind!  But, if it makes you feel better, yes –  I do offer a refund with a few conditions.  Since each course has a limited number of seats, you may not request a refund until we are one week into the course.  If, after completing your first module, you decide you’re not a good match for the workshop – I will refund your investment.  But, THESE COURSES DO NOT WORK UNLESS YOU DO, so in order to qualify for a refund, you must show proof that you have completed all of that module’s assignments.  All requests must be made PRIOR to the start of module two.  Once that begins, no refunds will be given.

Bonuses & Interviews From Industry Experts

& more waiting for you inside the course!