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Ashley Lily

I just want to tell you how incredibly grateful I am.  This month, I have 2 weddings {one in Mexico} and 11 full price sessions.  There is no doubt in my mind that the changes I’ve implemented from Sparkle Media are the cause.  This workshop and your willingness to share your knowledge has opened some pretty amazing doors for me!

Ashley Lily Toss the Bouquet Studios

your mentor, cyrissa has been seen on:

Design a social media strategy, create more engagement on your posts, expand your organic reach, grow your audience, and increase your bookings!

I'll teach you the exact strategies I have used to organically grow my fan base from barely 300 fans five years ago, to over 22,500 today {for two businesses and on six different platforms}!

Social media is way more than just a place to show your photos; it's a place where you can speak to the heart of your ideal client, expand your circle of reach, and develop relationships that eventually translate to sales.  I know it may feel overwhelming, but I'll be here, mentoring and encouraging you along the way.


In this monthly social media for photographers workshop, I'm going to show you everything you need to know!  Learn Facebook, Instagram, live video and all the fancy stuff... for about a dollar a day!

Your Sparkle Media Membership includes this awesomeness... every single month!

  • Video Lessons

    Your life is busy,
    watch {or listen}
    on your own schedule.

  • Facebook Group

    Build strong friendships, a network of support, and accountability!

  • Personal Feedback

    Don’t let overwhelm slow you down – enjoy help from the Sparkle Team!

  • Live Q & A Calls

    Get your questions answered on monthly live calls with Cyrissa!

  • Unlock Extra Lessons

    Surprise Facebook Ads lessons! The longer you’re a member the more bonuses you earn!

  • Custom Workbook

    Design your strategy, apply what you’re learning and start to see results for your photo business!

  • Accountability

    Cyrissa loves prizes!  Participate in challenges to grow beyond what you ever thought possible!

  • Client Satisfaction

    Join an elite group of photographers who have been empowered to thrive in a struggling market!

How would your business {and life} be different if you were completely confident with your social media strategy?

How much stress would disappear if you knew exactly what to post, where to post, and when to post?

And what would your photography business look like a year from now if you were able to grow your social media following with qualified potential clients every single day?

It's entirely possible in this social media for photographers workshop! You don't have to do this alone!

I'll teach you what I've learned and show you how I've built a huge social media following that's enabled me to leave my full-time job, hire a team of amazing women, be with my family more, and hit six-figures within three years of starting my business! With some hustle and heart, you can do it too, my friend!


Link your arm in mine because it's time to shine online!


save your seat in sparkle media!

Love Letters from the Sparkle Sisterhood

  • Sparkle Media was exactly what my business needed to take my marketing to the next level. To have a strategy for social media marketing is vital for successful marketing, but I didn't even know where to start. Every single aspect of this course has been beneficial and I am still finding myself fine tuning and learning new things. I have found my online voice, I am reaching more of my target market, I am finding myself finding a much larger organic reach than I ever expected! Sparkle Media has been a game changer for marketing, reaching my clients, reaching my goals, but also giving me back my life with my family. I don't spend hours upon hours trying to market on social media anymore. I know my strategy, I know my plan, and I'm seeing real results!
    Jessalyn Jessalyn Jessalyn Pugh Photography
  • I have exciting news!  I just posted my own maternity photos an tagged the company that made my dress!  I just got a message from them on Instagram and they want to collaborate!  I've also been working on implementing all the Instagram knowledge from Sparkle Media and it has definitely been paying off!!! My followers have been gradually and consistently increasing. I just had to let you know because I attribute this invitation to collaborate with one of my favorite clothing lines to you!!!
    Ashley Ashley Seare Studios
  • Sparkle Media has been a serious game changer for my business.  I have found my voice, confidence, and set my business on the path to success. The course allowed me to work at my pace, pause when I needed to take notes, and write my own ideas for how to implement the material. The engagement in the FB page has been amazing! The entire group has helped each other along the way!  Cyrissa doesn't hold back at all and genuinely loved seeing all of our businesses grow in our own way. Thanks to the workshop, I am now booking more of my ideal clients, charging what I need to contribute to my family, and using Social Media to my advantage rather than being frustrated by all the new changes. I am not joking when I say this is by far the BEST investment made to my business to date.
    Gabby Gabby Gabby Sherer Photography
  • I took Cyrissa's Sparkle Media course and all I can say is... MIND BLOWING!!  The wealth of knowledge Cyrissa shares and teaches in unmeasurable.  My social media numbers on Facebook and Instagram rose by almost 40% and continue to rise.  I promise that you won't be disappointed.
    Kelly Kelly Kelly Jo Photography

Your Monthly Social Media Lessons

The entire workshop is hosted in our exclusive Facebook group!

Each month, we'll dig deep into a social media theme!  The unit will be available for one month so you can learn at your own pace!  Instead of hunting around the internet, I'll bring all the latest and greatest social media trends right to you!

Can you imagine how much time this will save you and how your business could grow?!

Your monthly Sparkle Media membership includes:

• video based lessons
• a workbook to enrich your learning
• assignments encouraging you to apply your new skills
• surprise bonuses to extend your knowledge
• live video calls with Cyrissa
• a private facebook group ONLY for registered members of sparkle media
• all kinds of other fabulous sparkly things


Followers on 6 Platforms


Master's Degree in Art Education




Years Teaching Workshops


Years Classroom

Sparkle Media will help you succeed!

Each month's unit is loaded with the core social media concepts every photographer or girl boss should know!   Throughout the month, we'll work together to help develop a strong social media strategy for your photography business.  Through this social media for photographers workshop, you'll gain more followers, new bookings, and increased revenue for your business every single month!  You can look forward to video lessons, worksheets for planning, and live calls with Cyrissa... it's literally everything you need!

What You'll Enjoy in Sparkle Media

Mentoring from the Sparkle Team

When you enroll in Sparkle Media, you're not just gaining knowledge - you're gaining a community of dedicated mentors.  Be prepared to see the Sparkle Team commenting on your social posts, giving you personalized strategies, and providing feedback!  This is more than a workshop - this is a relationship!

Monthly Lessons

Each month, we'll cover important social media topics!  You'll find video lessons, worksheets to help you stay on track and extend your learning, plus weekly live videos, lots of Facebook interaction, and some surprises along the way!  It's everything you need!

the #SparkleSisterhood

Our Facebook page is where our community lives and is THE place to be to take your business to the next level!  You'll have a strong sisterhood of classmates who are ready to encourage, comment on your posts {that's a true friend}, and problem-solve when things get tricky.  This has the potential to be your fave part of Sparkle Media!

Meet Your Mentor

I'm a photographer, highly trained teacher, and enthusiastic coach who's about to be your biggest cheerleader!  I have a Masters in Art Education and spent ten years teaching in a highly awarded Ohio school district.  Thousands of students, both children and adults, have come through my classroom. I've got the experience and knowledge to be able to teach in a way you will truly understand.  Ever tried to learn something that went right over your head?  Not here.  Not in Sparkle Media.  This workshop is one big sparkly gift of awesomeness!

I'm going to explain everything in a simple way... so you understand.  And, if you don't, we'll keep working on it - together.


I'm known for encouraging and mentoring other photographers... and have a reputation for being social media savvy.  I teach workshops and mentor small groups of photographers on a regular basis, and consider many of my past participants my friends... not just clients.

On a professional note, I was a featured on-stage guest on two CreativeLive Courses {Instagram & Social Media} and been a guest on the Milky Way, the Law Tog, Sticky Albums, Swift Galleries, the Sprouting Photographer, Cashtography, the Canada Photo convention, the Gift Biz Breeze, My Creative Biz Coach, LifeBoss and several other podcasts!  I've written an article in the Ohio Journal for Gifted Children, been published on the cover of Where Women Create Business, and have been a guest blogger on the Rising Tide, Photography Spark, Senior Style Guide, Iris-Works, and the Confetti Bar.

My business has been built with a strong grassroots marketing focus.  My followers and my clients come exclusively through word of mouth marketing, hashtags and intentional social media strategy.

I've grown my company to a place where I sell out within eight minutes and always have a waiting list.  True story.

And I've done all that without blogging or using SEO on my website.  By strategically and authentically sharing my voice on social media, employing strong business skills to back my talent, and creating multiple different streams of revenue, I've been able to grow my six-figure company and help support my family with my photography.  I'd love to help you do the same.

With this course, and a lot of hustle and heart, you can drastically change your everyday life too!

And you can do it RIGHT NOW.  I'm ready to link arms and support you through the challenge.  Are you?

immerse workshops cyrissa sparkle society

Love Letters from the Sparkle Sisterhood

  • Sparkle Media has been a game changer with my photography business! Since I took the course, I have over tripled my total followers between the various social media platforms.Through the course, I gained a strong understanding of social media and the various platforms.now use that new knowledge to help grow my business and post with a purpose. Cyrissa does an amazing job breaking down the content into little chunks that are easily understood…and of course, her sparkly personality shines through with everything she does which makes watching the videos enjoyable! Taking Sparkle Media has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.
    Jessica Jessica Jessica Stopper Photography
  • Cyrissa’s course has taken me from feeling like I was just surviving in my business to feeling like I am proactively pursuing the successful business I have dreamed of. I feel like I am now in charge of the direction and success of my business- not just reacting to what gets thrown my way. She shares her knowledge with passion that is contagious and creates a class environment that leads to an authentic and supportive community- something I am truly thankful for!
    Jenny Jenny Jenny Starkey Photography
  • This course was eye opening and the most useful educational experience I have had with an online marketing approach. The content is easy to understand and presented in the most fun way possible. If you have never taken a class with Cyrissa, you are missing out on a fun and critical way of improving your business reach. I completely trusted that this class would transform our online marketing audience, but I was still surprised by the quick changes and higher numbers of followers across our social media accounts. We saw impressive growth on Instagram and Facebook as well as our website. One of the biggest things I can say about this class is that the participant interaction made this more like a group of friends than classmates. We had great brain storming times where we bounced ideas off of each other across multiple business types, that worked for all of us and at the same time helped us to encourage each other when things didn't go quite like we wanted them to. Don't hesitate, sign up now to change your business for the better!
    Courtney Courtney Comprehensive Massage Care
  • My confidence as a photographer has definitely soared since joining Sparkle Media.  I've TRIPLED my following {in just 3 months} and received positive feedback from other photographers who I really respect and admire!  I'm always booked and actually could use some down time!  Joining Sparkle media has been one of the best investment decisions I've made in my photography business.  People ask me all the time where I get my clients from and my answer is always the same, "Social media and word of mouth."  My SEO sucks to be honest but I don't care since I have plenty of work from building and maintaining a social media presence.  Not to mention I've gained some great friends from Sparkle Media.  We constantly encourage and support each other long after the classes have ended and that is really cool.  Cyrissa makes it all fun and personal, AND she knows her stuff and you will learn a TON!!   Especially since before i created my business, I only dabbled a little on Facebook and thought social media just looked like a lot of work.  It actually turned out to be the life force to my business, not to mention fun engaging with old and new friends along the way!  I could not more highly recommend investing in Sparkle Media for you and your photography business!
    Lori Lori Madeline Photography

Stop Wishing.  You can grow your social media fans, your confidence, and your profits today!

 Believe in yourself, plan to have more time with your family, and invest in your business RIGHT NOW!  No more waiting.  No more wishing.  Let's make it happen NOW!  You deserve to sparkle and shine.  I'll show you the way.

book your seat in sparkle media & shine online!

Sparkle Media {FAQ}

Will it work?

While I firmly believe in trusting your gut, I do NOT believe in letting limiting beliefs and/or fear control you. That's not the best way to look at an investment that could potentially transform your business.  Listening to that little voice in your head that’s asking you over and over: “Will this work? Is this the answer? What if it doesn’t work for me? How is this really different from everything else I’ve tried before?" may be holding you back from success.

Here’s the thing: the investment you’re about to make in Sparkle Media isn’t really a business investment - it’s an investment in yourself.

I can’t categorically promise that Sparkle Media will work for you or that I can help change your life – only you have control over that.

What I can promise is that the content I teach in this program has worked for me personally as well as hundreds of others who have applied these lessons and seen the difference that it has made to the bottom lines of their businesses.

I’m just not sure I’m ready to make this investment…

I totally get that investing in yourself can feel challenging and frivolous even, especially if you’ve already invested tons in coaching and other tools to run your business this year.  But let's put this in perspective:

Your Sparkle Media membership is about equal to one Starbucks run a week, one pizza a month, or one afternoon at the spa a year.  The only difference?  None of those things help you book more clients.

You might feel like Sparkle Media is an investment right now and I get it - other students have felt the same way in the past too.

But what I also know is that after those same students started working through the program, growing their customer base and making sales that they could trace right back to their marketing efforts, they felt that investing in Sparkle Media was one of the best decisions they could have ever made.

If you can get just one client to book a photoshoot with you because of what you've learned, you'll be able to cover an entire year's worth of tuition!

How do I pay?

You can purchase Sparkle Media with any major credit card.  Your first payment will come out today, and future monthly payments will be automatically withdrawn on the first of the month!

Is this a monthly or yearly membership?

That's up to you!  Your membership is month-to-month and, although we'd be sad to see you go, you can cancel at any time!  You should know that we have a very high retention rate and most sparkles are in Sparkle Media for the long-haul because it provides so much value to their business!

I’m enrolled!  What happens next?

Once your purchase is complete you’ll be sent the information to view the foundational lessons and then join the Facebook group, where the program is delivered. Take the opportunity to set yourself up for success by blocking out time to actually do the work. Trainings are available as soon as you've purchased and signed your workshop agreement!  Keep in mind, aside from the two foundational units, each unit of study is only available until the end of the month - so don't fall behind!

How is the membership program structured? What will I learn first? 

As we know that starting a new program can be overwhelming, the Sparkle Team has put together a quick start guide for Sparkle Media! We'll send you a series of emails that will walk you through all the foundational lessons {to be sure your accounts are optimized and attracting you ideal clients}. Then we'll show you around the Facebook group; making sure you know what to expect, where to find lessons, and how to connect in the community!

What if I find the program isn’t for me?

I truly believe in the power of this program and have witnessed first-hand the extraordinary results that our students get after taking Sparkle Media. This workshop was lovingly created and the content taught is based upon what I’ve learned while growing my own photography business... with absolutely zero marketing or business training!

It’s all based in fact, data and professional experience.  I’m confident that asking for a refund will never cross your mind, but if you need to cancel your membership {for any reason} simply let the team know by the last Wednesday of the month, and we'll make it happen.

As this workshop only works if you do, no refunds will be given for a lack of participation/completion.

Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

All of your lessons will be delivered in the private Facebook group.  You must be in this group to receive the content.  Participation in the community conversations, however, is completely optional.  This is where you’re going to form sparkly friendships AND be able to connect directly with me, Cyrissa and the Sparkle Team.

If you choose not to take part in the Facebook group, do so knowing you’ll almost certainly be missing out!  We want to get to know you and help you on a more personal level!

How long do I have access to the lessons?

Think of this like a gym membership {without the funky smells}! As long as you're a paying member, in good standing, you can use everything the gym has to offer.  A typical month includes access to the two foundation units {approximately 3 hours of training} and the current month's lessons and live videos.

Cancel your membership, however, and lose access to the programs.  It's as simple as that. Since this is a monthly membership, as long as you're a paying member, you have access to the Facebook group, foundations and the lesson of the month. Leave Sparkle Media and lose the perks of being a member.

Take yourself seriously this year...

activate your membership now

Love Letters from the Sparkle Sisterhood

  • The Sparkle courses have exceeded my expectations and have taken my brand new business so much further than I ever imagined.  Cyrissa is an amazing instructor, she is so encouraging and a wealth of information.  This class has done wonders for my business.  I took the workshop my first season in business, and applying the knowledge I gained from Sparkle Courses, I was able to sell out my summer sessions plus my social media following has more than doubled.  I'm excited to move forward with my business and to continue the friendships I made within the Sparkle Sisterhood Community.
    Amy Amy Amy Louise Photography
  • I am one of those artsy people that you hear about.  You hear about how they "could have" done so well, if only they had know the business end of the art.  While I honed, and learned, and perfected my art, my business was floundering from lack of marketing skills and client skills.  I think Cyrissa set this course up just for me.  The social outlet aspect of it is well worth the money.  Since I took this course, my business has literally taken off.  All of my fall sessions booked except for one, and this was just the first month of doing the course!  It has already paid for itself.  If you are just starting out, I suggest you learn the business aspect BEFORE you move on to the art.  This is an excellent place to start!
    Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Hill Photography
  • Sparkle Media is kind of like ice cream. You like it. Love it. Gotta have it! However, it is NOT a walk in the park but BIG THANKS to my trusted coach, teacher and friend Cyrissa she makes understanding how to use Social Media to grow my business easy & fun! The classes are super easy to follow but chalk full of helpful information in how to make my voice/post online stand out from my competitors I have learned strategies that save me time and has increased my clientele in booking video shoots. Also, the class interaction with your fellow Sparkles is something that doesn't just stop once the class is done. I still connect, encourage, and feel the support from my Sparkle Media Class. It's a great investment for your business because love it or hate it... social media is a game changer for businesses these days.
    Molly Molly Molly Elyse Videography