whoo hoo, friend!
i cannot wait to hook you up!
at this very moment, i'm sending you an email that has your free downloadable template!  it's got my email response to "what are your prices" and a few social media posts that you can copy too!

i'm a little worried my email may end up in your spam folder, so here's what i want you to do!  go into your email contacts and ADD ME as a new contact.  that way your email host knows i'm not a creeper!  ha ha ha!

my email is cyrissa@immersephotography.com and you can put my name in there as cyrissa... but i'm also a little partial to sparkle mamma, sparkle queen, sparkle lady.  ha ha ha!  whatever floats your boat - just make sure i'm in those contacts, ok?  this is SO IMPORTANT!

additionally, i want to be sure we're connected on social media!  click here to request access to my private Facebook group!  then use the links below to find me online!  be sure to leave a comment on one of my most recent posts so i know you got this download!  i want to be sure i see your name in my newsfeed and can follow you back!

xoxo, cyrissa