a business bootcamp where you will learn to make more money with tried and true online marketing strategies, in just 90 days!

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by the end of this program you will have...

  • Complete confidence in your sales funnel and business strategy.
  • A clearly defined step-by-step plan for how to achieve your goals.
  • Thoughtful email marketing {complete with an opt-in that gets your clients excited}.
  • Actionable ideas for how to get your name out into your community - either in person or online.
  • Consistency on social media and followers who are engaged with your content.
  • Your launch strategy is carefully designed and can be implemented long after the Intensive is over.
  • A strong community of sparkle sisters who are always there to cheer you on and share ideas!

Sparkle Intensive has given me a strategy I can successfully apply to my business to market consistently without having to spend hours marketing in-person. It has was also wonderful to connect with the girls in my mastermind group and we are continuing to support each other, even though we’ve “graduated” from the program. Most importantly, it helped me see my business as an actual business and not just a hobby. I have had increased bookings, increased sales, and I’m now consistent in my business.

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How would if feel to be a business owner with a working online marketing strategy that is consistently bringing in new clients every day {without spending tons of time & money on ads}?

Imagine waking up each day knowing that you had enough in your bank account to pay yourself - and then some.

That you knew exactly what to do each day to drive regular leads who are excited to work with you and value your expertise instead of talking with

That instead of slaving away on your computer late at night, neglecting self care of time with a spouse, you are able to balance both your work and school pick up - and stay present in both scenarios.

I'm going to teach you the exact strategies I have used to organically grow a local photography business, an online coaching business, and a network marketing "side hustle" into six-figure businesses!

your mentor, cyrissa has been seen on:

What can you expect to experience in the Sparkle Intensive?

The entire workshop is hosted in our exclusive Facebook group and you'll see the Sparkle Team in the chat everyday; helping you achieve your goals!

Each month, we'll dig deep into sales funnels {the unsung hero of success}, strategic email marketing, and cost-effective Facebook ad strategies!  You'll have lifetime access to all of the lessons and can review them whenever you need a refresher!

Instead of hunting around the internet, I'll bring all of the best practices in business right to you!  Can you imagine how much time this will save you and how your business could grow?!

Your Membership includes all of this in the 90 days of fabulousness...

  • Strategy Guide

    Design your sales funnel, apply what you’re learning, & get results for your creative business!

  • Challenges & Prizes

    Motivating yourself is tricky! Expect fun challenges to inspire you to get your work done successfully!

  • Client Satisfaction

    Join an elite group of women; empowered to thrive in struggling or saturated markets!

  • Add a Coaching Call

    Need personal attention? Book a private coaching call with a Sparkle Team member at a special rate!

  • Video Lessons

    Your life is busy, watch your lessons when it works for you! Speed them up & replay as needed!

  • Private Community

    Build strong friendships, a network of support, & accountability with women who “get” you!

  • Personal Feedback

    Don’t let overwhelm slow you down! Enjoy daily* help & support from the Sparkle Team!

  • Live Zoom Calls

    Need help? Want to go to the next level? Get your questions answered on live calls with Cyrissa!

*the team is online every weekday, minus holidays and pre-scheduled vacations!

the sparkle intensive is designed exclusively for female entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level with smart strategies!

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I was looking for a business mentor and the Sparkle Team really made me feel welcome; they truly cared about my success as a business!  The Sparkle Intensive helped me intentionally switch my business strategies, and I learned things that I didn’t even realize I needed to know to succeed as a business!  It even gave me a close-knit community of like-minded women who truly understand my success, struggles, and failures!

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If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Let that sink in for a moment.  In order for your business to change, you've got to try different strategies, surround yourself with women who are on the same trajectory towards success, and find a mentor who knows the exact steps you need to take in order to catapult you ahead of the competition.

How would your business {and life} change if you were completely confident with your business strategy?

How much stress would disappear if you knew exactly which tasks were important and which ones you could permanently cross off your to do list?

And how different would your business look three months from now if you were able to bring in new potential clients every single day?

All of this is possible, with the help of the Sparkle Intensive!

This small group mentoring program teaches you to operate your business like a true CEO by helping you design a comprehensive sales funnel; using a thoughtful warm market strategy, email nurturing that focuses on converting leads, and integrating facebook ads into your daily strategy as your budget allows.

The Sparkle Intensive is a 90-day workshop designed for ladies who are already working on a high-level and the content is focused on optimizing an already successful business! As such, there is an application process and we're only accepting a limited amount of ladies into the program. If you are struggling to get bookings, not posting consistently on social media, don't have a website, or tend to buy workshops... but never implement what you learn - this is NOT the workshop for you.

While I don't require you to have it all together,
I do expect you to work hard and show up for your business.

If this sounds like a good fit for your business, apply by September 27 @ 12pm EST to claim your seat.  As this as an in-demand program, we will not be responding to every application.  If you are selected, you will be notified by September 27th at 3pm EST and we will begin on September 30, 2019.

apply for the sparkle intensive now!

if you want in on this, book your seat ASAP! to provide an intimate experience, we limit membership! do NOT wait {or risk having major FOMO}!


Taking Sparkle Intensive was one of the best investments for my business I have made. Along with the amazing instruction I received, I also met a community of like-minded women, and many of those relationships we built in the Intensive are still going strong. I now have a system set in place to effortlessly move people into my business, as well as knowing exactly what I need to do to make this my full time gig.

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Wondering if you're ready for Sparkle Intensive?

can you say "yes" to the majority of these statements?

  • you want more consistent bookings and a smarter strategy!
  • you already have a blooming business, but are ready for the next level!
  • you're ready for a mentor & take your business seriously!
  • you don't have time {or the desire} to research business strategies!
  • you want someone to tell you what to do, step by step!
  • you love the way Cyrissa teaches!
  • you are dedicated & devoted to growing your business!
  • you NEED accountability & support to help keep you on track!
  • you are open to new ideas & don't mind doing things differently!
  • you want your business to be a BLESSING {not a burden} on your life!

then babe, you are in the right place.

complete your application now!

still unsure?  check this data out, after 90 days in the Sparkle Intensive, women just like you...


improved their overall business strategy


grew their social media following


reported a major increase in confidence


ran successful FB ad campaigns


would recommend Intensive to a friend

  • an exclusive facebook group ONLY for registered members of Sparkle Intensive; giving you a direct line of communication to Cyrissa and the Sparkle Team
  • video lessons outlining a thoughtful and strategic 90-day plan to grow your business, with the EXACT steps Cyrissa has taken to build three six-figure businesses
  • impromptu trainings & live videos so that Cyrissa can answer your questions more in depth
  • the option to add on private coaching calls with the Sparkle Team if you need more help
  • a custom strategy guide to extend your thinking, enrich your learning, and serve as your roadmap to success
  • community challenges and prizes to keep everyone on task {and provide some friendly competition}
  • and other fabulous surprises... because Cyrissa's like that

Spend 90 days in the Sparkle Intensive and watch your bookings {and bank account} grow!


Hands down – the best money spent! Thanks to the Sparkle Intensive, I was able to set my annual goals and surpass them by the end of the year; bringing into my highest annual income to date! Sparkle Intensive allowed me to take a step back from the every day part of my business and dive into the nitty gritty! I learned areas of business that I didn’t know and refreshed my brain in areas I thought I knew. All the tools I learned in Sparkle Intensive are tools I’m still using now {a year later}!

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Meet Your Mentor

I'm a photographer, highly trained teacher, social influencer and enthusiastic coach who's about to be your biggest cheerleader!  I have a Masters in Art Education and spent ten years teaching in a highly awarded Ohio school district.  Thousands of students, both children and adults, have come through my classroom. I've got the experience and knowledge to be able to teach in a way you will truly understand.  Ever tried to learn something that went right over your head?  Not here.  Not in Sparkle Intensive.  This workshop is one big sparkly gift of awesomeness!

I'm going to explain everything in a simple and easy to digest way...so instead of getting overwhelmed you feel empowered to take action.  And, if you don't? We'll keep working on it - together.


I'm known for encouraging and mentoring other female entrepreneurs... and have a reputation for being social media savvy.  I teach workshops and mentor small groups of photographers on a regular basis, and consider many of my past participants my friends... not just clients.

On a professional note, I've been featured on-stage as a guest on CreativeLive {twice}, as a highlighted blogger for the Rising Tide society, teacher for the Milky Way, and have been a guest blogger or podcast guest on the Law Tog, Sticky Albums, Swift Galleries, the Photography Spark, Senior Style Guide, Iris-Works, the Sprouting Photographer, Cashtography, the Canada Photo convention, the Gift Biz Breeze, My Creative Biz Coach, LifeBoss, the Confetti Bar and several others!  I've also written an article in the Ohio Journal for Gifted Children and been published on the cover of Where Women Create Business.

All three of my businesses have been built with a strong grassroots marketing focus; only consistently using ads for Sparkle Society.  My followers and my clients largely find me through word of mouth marketing, live videos, and an intentional social media strategy.

For years, I was consistently able to sell-out my photoshoots in less than 24 hours {my personal best was 8 minutes} and I want to show you how I did it!  My step by step process is yours for the taking, right here in the Sparkle Intensive!

With the exception of Sparkle, my success has come lately without blogging or any type of real SEO game plan.  By strategically and authentically sharing my voice on social media, employing strong business skills to back my talent, and creating multiple different streams of revenue, I've been able to grow multiple six-figure companies and support my family!

I can help you do the same!  With the Sparkle Intensive, and a lot of hustle and heart, you can drastically change your everyday life too!

Stop waiting and wishing on "someday."

Now is the time to design a real strategy that consistently brings in clients, increases your confidence, and empowers you to support your family!

Babe, it's time to

see if you're right for the Sparkle Intensive!

Sparkle Intensive {FAQ}

Will it work?

While I firmly believe in trusting your gut, I do NOT believe in letting limiting beliefs and/or fear control you. That's not the best way to look at an investment that could potentially transform your business.  Listening to that little voice in your head that’s asking you over and over: “Will this work? Is this the answer? What if it doesn’t work for me? How is this really different from everything else I’ve tried before?" may be holding you back from success.

Here’s the thing: the investment you’re about to make in Sparkle Intensive isn’t really a business investment - it’s an investment in yourself.

I can’t categorically promise that the Sparkle Intensive will work for you or that I can help change your life – only you have control over that.

What I can promise is that the content I teach in this program has worked for me personally as well as the diverse group of female entrepreneurs who have applied these lessons and seen the difference that it has made to the bottom lines of their businesses.

I’m just not sure I’m ready to make this investment…

I totally get that investing in yourself can feel challenging and frivolous even, especially if you’ve already invested tons in coaching and other tools to run your business this year.  But let's put this in perspective:

Your Sparkle Intensive membership is about equal to one Target run a week, a massage once a month, or one overnight getaway with your spouse.  The only difference?  None of those things help you book more clients.  They absolutely produce joy... but not income.

You might feel like Sparkle Intensive is an investment right now and I get it - other students have felt the same way in the past too.

But what I also know is that after those same students started working through the program, growing their customer base and making sales that they could trace right back to their online marketing efforts, they felt that investing in Sparkle Intensive was one of the best decisions they could have ever made.

If you can get just one extra client a month, your membership will, most likely, be covered!

How do I pay?

You can purchase Sparkle Intensive with any major credit card.  You have the option to pay in full or break it down into three payments.  If you choose 3 payments, your first payment will come out today, and the final two will be automatically withdrawn on the first of the month!

Is this an on-going membership?

Nope.  The Sparkle Intensive is a three month, or 90 day, bootcamp!  At the end, you'll be free to enroll in other workshops and there are no additional payments once your course tuition has been paid in full!

I feel comfortable with email marketing, can I just do the other two units of study?

This is a 90-day bootcamp and all the lessons are sequentially created; meaning they build off one another and are meant to be consumed in order.  Additionally, there is a strong community aspect to the program, so we journey through the content together.  You are invited to join us for the entire three month program and, if that doesn't meet your needs, we respectfully ask that you consider other workshops.

Can guys take the workshop?

Sure... as long as you're cool with the fact that I teach and market exclusively to the heart of a woman.  If you don't mind the sparkles and the girlboss talk, you're welcome to join us!  I know you'll still find incredible information that's applicable to every business.

I’m enrolled!  What happens next?

Once your application is approved, you've made your first payment and signed your contract, we'll send you an email with the next steps.  This includes a link to the private Facebook group, the time and date of our official kick-off party, when you can expect us to open the FB group, and all the other essential info you need!

Before the course begins, take the opportunity to set yourself up for success by blocking out time to actually do the work. We suggest either an hour per day, or a 3-4 hour chunk of time once a week.  That might sound like a lot, but big changes take hard work.  We know you'll find the effort worth it in the end!

How is the program structured? What will I learn first? 

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, I've seen what works and what doesn't when it comes to online marketing.  So I'm going to start you off with the most valuable thing you'll ever do for your business: intentionally craft a smart a strategic sales funnel.  It sounds oh-so-boring, but it's oh-so-important if you want to be making more than a few thousand a year.

We'll move on to email marketing, focusing on large majority of our time on creating an irresistible opt-in {if your "what to wear" guide or "shoot planner" is your current opt-in, you're doing it 100% wrong}.  Taking the time to nurture warm leads is always the easiest way to make money, so we'll camp out there for a while before moving on to our final month of content.

The Sparkle Intensive will wrap up with a basic Facebook ad strategy that works for everyone, even if you don't have an ads budget, or your budget it small.  We're going to talk through the process of creating a smart campaign and I'll show you how those same strategies apply to any strong marketing strategy - ads or not!

What if I find the program isn’t for me?

I truly believe in the power of this program and have witnessed first-hand the extraordinary results that our students get after taking Sparkle Intensive. This workshop was lovingly created and the content taught is based upon what I’ve learned while growing my own businesses... with absolutely zero marketing or business training!

It’s all based in fact, data and professional experience.  I’m confident that asking for a refund will never cross your mind, but if you need to cancel your workshop {for any reason} you must contact us within seven days of the kick-off party.  Once week two starts, you're considered an official Sparkle Intensive member and are in it for the long haul!

As this workshop only works if you do, no refunds will be given for a lack of participation/completion.

Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

All of your lessons will be delivered in the private Facebook group.  You must be in this group to receive the content.  Participation in the community conversations, however, is completely optional.  This is where you’re going to form sparkly friendships AND be able to connect directly with Cyrissa and the Sparkle Team.... so we highly suggest that you take an active role in this workshop!

How long do I have access to the lessons?

As long as you're a member, in good standing, you'll have access to the lessons and the group for as long as the Sparkle Intensive program is offered or until Facebook shuts us down.  I've been offering this mentoring program for four years and have no plans to stop.  At the end of the 90 days, the group will be archived.  This means you can still view all of the content and watch every video, but you cannot "like" or comment on any of the posts.

last chance.... you CAN do this! apply now!

I was on the fence about joining the Sparkle Intensive, but I knew I wanted to take the next step in helping my business grow.  I can say it was totally worth the investment!  I went from constantly being afraid of not getting enough clients to having confidence in my business {and myself}!  Learning about sales funnels and designing my own made me realize what I needed to book, how many clients I needed to book, and when to use Facebook ads.  It put things in perspective!

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