whoo hoooo!!!  you did it!!!!  you're officially enrolled in the FREE sparkle school training! i am so happy for you!

i am so excited you took the first step and can't wait for you to start your journey to freedom & success in your photography business!!!  i'm gonna hold your hand and walk you through this journey one step at a time!

this free workshop will only be available for two short weeks... then it gets locked back up; only available to the ladies enrolled in the sparkle school workshop!  don't miss this - this is the ONLY time of year i share it for free with everyone!

we start on monday and i'll send you an email with your log-in info when we start class!  you'll have three video coaching calls that don't just tell you WHY you need to have a great portfolio or model call, but also HOW to make it happen!

while you wait, get connected with me on instagram and facebook, plus turn on your facebook messenger notifications so you don't miss anything!  i can't wait to meet you and am so excited to watch your business explode!


ps - yes.  i promise to tell you that four-letter word i've been teasing you about... it may be ruining your business and you NEED to know how to fix it!

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