Make Money NOW!

your photography business CAN thrive in the middle of a pandemic... if you outthink the fear, innovate, and pivot like never before!  here are five things that are working RIGHT NOW!

TEACH A PHOTO CLASS - people want to learn how to take better photos and you can be the one to help them!  start with my free download OR grab the sparkle academy at 30% off with code "IWILLTHIRVE" at checkout!


UPSELL PAST CLIENTS - offer massively discounted prints or digital files to capitalize on work you've already done!  chris, from the printmaker system, will show you how in this $5 workshop!


CREATE IMAGES WITH THEIR PHOTOS - my client  shana, from shana carter photography, created senior banners for her clients!  and jamie, from precious stones photography, had so much success with her Easter photos that she sold out!


 PARTNER WITH LOCAL RESTAURANTS + BOUTIQUES - offer gift cards that match what they invested in other local businesses!  this is a hidden gem, so be sure to watch the video for a full explanation!


 JOIN MY TEAM - you already have the skills needed to be successful.... so why not put them to good use!  watch this quick video that answers all of your questions and let me know if you want to chat - cyrissa@immersephotography.com!

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