{free coaching} the business of photography

hey love muffin!

as an artist, it's completely normal and natural for you to struggle to create a business strategy for your company.  but, if you intend to outlast the statistics {which claim that your photography business will only survive for three years}, you MUST have strong business strategies in place to overcome those numbers!

and that, my sweet friend, is where i can help you!  i've built a six figure company using nothing but social media and an email list!  in fact, even though i still don't blog or use SEO, i still consistently sell out my photoshoots in under two hours and average $800-1200 in sales for my portrait sessions.  i'd love to show you what i've done to make it happen!  if you're ready to do some work, i'll show you how a little bit of strategy makes a whole lot of difference!

join me for a free photography webinar and i'll arm you with the essential business tips that you can put into practice RIGHT NOW and start seeing results for your company!  are you in?  drop me your email address and i'll see you in class!

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