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do you have a big girl camera, but absolutely no idea how to use the darn thing?!

i mean, you have the same type of camera you see pros using... so why don't your photos look like theirs?!

if you're frustrated with your photos, but don't know how to fix them, you're not alone!

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attend your class, learn to take better photographs, build a relationship with your new mentor, cyrissa!

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After the class, I actually knew how to use my camera. I little bit of technical knowledge goes a long way! Thank you Cyrissa! I can now capture more of the "little things" and the details, like the smiles my son has when he is running around like a wild man. No more blurriness and terrible exposure. And look at that bokeh! You are a great teacher.

  • camera basics
  • keeping your gear safe
  • understanding an manipulating light
  • how to think like a photographer
  • composition
  • refining your artistic eye
  • exposure, light meters and camera presets
  • the exposure triangle
  • iso & image quality
  • using aperture to create a blurry background
  • create ways to use your shutter speed
  • putting it all together
  • shooting in full manual mode
  • understanding white balance
  • basic editing in Adobe Lightroom

so many mammas struggle to get crisp {not blurry} photos of their kiddos!  they want, so badly, to create that pretty blurry background that we all love, but lack the knowledge of how to make it happen! and many of my students are ready to shop for a new camera or lens... and are worried they'll invest in the wrong thing.  if you can relate to those feelings at all, i can help you with my beginning and intermediate photography classes!

learn how to create a blurry background, take great sports photos, think through tricky photo situations, and consistently create images that make you proud!

give me a few hours of your time, and i'll have you feeling more confident with your camera and empowered to tell your family's story through photos!  ready to believe in yourself?!  grab a friend, book a seat, and let's do this!  see you in class!

in-person beginner photography class

join the jan 21st class!

join me for a photography for beginners class, and i'll show you how to make your camera do what YOU want.  let me teach you to turn off the auto setting and explore the amazing world of photography! this class is devoted to the newer photographers who are just learning how to work their cameras, people who want to take awesome photos {no matter which camera they're using}, and photographers who need a little refresher on their camera skills.


January 21, 2023 @ 9-12pm EST

in-person intermediate photography class

join the jan 21st class!

the intermediate photography class is dedicated to intermediate and hobbyist photographers who are interested in learning more about some of the advanced features. if you've taken my dear camera beginner's class or feel confident with light meters, apertures and shutter speeds, then this intermediate class is perfect for you.


January 21, 2023 @ 1-4pm EST

in-person/online photography bundle

join the jan 21st class!

feeling like you want a day full of learning your camera? bundle your classes to save! take both the beginners and intermediate photography class and as a bonus, i’ll add in my online course for free! you’ll not only have a day packed with amazing knowledge but then with my online class you’ll be able to reference and continue learning {and review photo concepts} long after the class is over!


January 21, 2023 @ 9am-4pm EST

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online photography class

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learn photography for beginners and intermediate photographers - all in one fabulous workshop!  this course is designed to take you through everything from camera basics to an introduction to manual shooting.  plus, the workshop comes with lifetime access and all lessons are video based - so you'll have plenty of time to revisit and re-watch the classes as your skills grow! 


online photography class + coaching call

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i know that learning online is an amazing way to learn your camera. you can always come back and reference the trainings. sometimes, there's just some questions you want to ask. add on a private coaching call!  after you complete your video lessons, we'll jump on a 30 minute video chat so you can get personal feedback & ask all of those questions that came up as you went through the training!


frequently asked questions

  • q-iconWhat kind of camera do I need for this class?

    While you are welcome to attend with any camera, you’ll be able to fully participate and get the most out of the class if you have a DSLR {a camera with interchangeable lenses} or mirrorless camera with the capability to shoot in manual mode.  Some point and shoot cameras have this capability as well, so pull out your manual to see what your camera can do!  Or, google “can a {insert camera model} shoot in manual mode?” to get your answer!

  • q-iconMy smartphone has a really nice camera, will that be ok?

    Smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years, but they simply can’t compete with a quality camera {and a photographer who knows what to do with it}.  While they can create the illusion of bokeh, or a narrow aperture, the effect is created by a filter and doesn’t accurately depict true depth of field.  Additionally, you don’t have the ability to shoot in manual mode, so you’ll be much better off with a “real” camera for this class!  That being said, you’ll certainly learn some tricks that are applicable to smartphone photography… so your Insta photos will definitely get better!

  • q-iconI took photography in college, do I really need to take the beginner's class?

    So excited to hear that you already have a solid knowledge base!  That will serve you so well in class!  What I have found, from nine years of teaching this workshop, is that 99% of my students benefit from taking the beginner’s class before the intermediate class.  Some of the content will feel familiar, but since many of us took college classes years ago and photography can be both technical AND creative, having a “refresher” course is always a good idea!  Feel like you might want to skip it?  Send me an email and I can give you a quiz to see where you’re at and make an accurate assessment of your skills!

  • q-iconI really don't know much about photography... will I be able to handle this workshop?

    Absolutely!  Before class, I send all of my students a foundational training video so that you know all the basics before you even walk into the studio!  I’m going to start EVERYONE at the very beginning with how to hold your camera and move on from there!  As silly as it sounds, half of the people who own DSLR’s don’t even know how to hold them the right way.  So we’re going to start at the very beginning and by the end of the day?  I’ll have you shooting in manual mode.  You might feel a little overwhelmed, but I know you’re going to absolutely love it and be just fine!

  • q-iconMy middle schooler loves photography, can I enroll her in the Dear Camera class?

    All minors must be accompanied by a paying adult in order to enroll in the workshop. I offer a buy one, get one half off discount for parents who would like to bring their students to class, please contact us at to get that coupon code.  This offer is not available with any other discount code, coupon, gift certificate or promotion.

    Additionally, to ensure that all participants can get the most out of their experience, with the exception of nursing infants, no one under 12 may attend the photo class.

  • q-iconWhat's your refund policy?

    I have been teaching this workshop for almost ten years and have had hundreds, if not thousands, of students attend some version of the workshop.  In that time, I have not had a single request for a refund.  This class has been lovingly created based on years of experience, feedback from previous students, and a passion for teaching, so I truly believe that asking for a refund will never cross your mind.  But, if you’re unhappy with your experience, chat with me and we’ll figure out a solution that ends in a win-win situation for both of us!

    As this workshop has a limited amount of seats, all sales are final and refunds will not be given for any reason {this includes no shows, scheduling conflicts, etc}.  Please check your calendar prior to booking!

  • q-iconI'm a guy.... can I take the class?

    While I, obviously, speak to the heart of a woman, guys are welcome to join us for class!  I’m a boy mom… so sports, farts, and video games are part of my everyday life.  So you’ll be just fine.  If you can put up with the sparkles and a conversational style of teaching, we’d love to have you join us!

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