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are you looking for a beginning photography class?  because, let's be honest: your camera is set on automatic, isn't it?  you know.  the safe green rectangle.  it's ok.  i won't tell anyone.  but i have a secret: you're a better photographer than you think.  in fact, you're a better photographer than your camera thinks!

come, join me for a photography for beginners class, and i'll show you how to make your camera do what YOU want.  let me teach you to turn off the auto setting and explore the amazing world of photography!

these fun hands-on photography for beginners classes will give you the confidence and skills you need to take better photos!  let's discover what all those knobs and buttons on your camera do, learn basic composition, understand light, and begin to unlock the mystery that is your camera!

and, while we're at it, i may even show you a trick or two for looking skinnier on camera?!  that alone is worth the cost of admission, right?!  so come on!  lose the fear, drop the insecurities, and let's do this!  you're a better photographer than you think and i can't wait to see you in class!

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online photography workshops

this year, for the first time ever, my beloved beginning photography class is coming online!  i could not be more excited!  i'll be teaching photography for beginners and intermediate photographers - all in one fabulous workshop!  this course is designed to take you through everything from camera basics to an introduction to manual shooting.  plus, the workshop comes with lifetime access and all lessons are video based - so you'll have plenty of time to revisit and re-watch the classes as your skills grow!  i'll see you in class!

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online photography class

join me for for a six week journey!  each week, i'll deliver new video lessons right to your inbox with tips, tricks, and assignments to help you get the most out of your camera!
$147 for lifetime access

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class + personal coaching

join me for for the six week journey!  all the same content but, at the end, we'll jump on a 30 minute video chat so you can get personal feedback & ask questions!
$197 for lifetime access & one coaching call

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photography workshops in dayton, ohio

live in dayton, ohio?  join me in the studio!  i'll be teaching photography for beginners and intermediate photographers!  morning classes are devoted to the newer photographers who are just learning how to work their cameras.  afternoon sessions are dedicated to intermediate and hobbyist photographers who are interested in learning more about some of the advanced features.  of course, you're welcome to take both workshops back to back {many people do} and enjoy lunch with me in-between classes!  plus, for the first time ever, you can also invest in the workshop bundle; getting both levels of instruction AND lifetime access to the online version of the class as well!  choose the date and package that works best for you, but please keep in mind, in order to ensure a high level of personal feedback, each class will be limited to 12 photographers!

• • {january 2019} • or • {february 2019} • •

those dates don't work for you?  no worries!  scroll down and click on the hot pink "waitlist" button!  i'll send you info when i know the date of the next workshop!

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  • After yesterday's class I actually know how to use my camera!  A little bit of technical knowledge sure goes a long way!  I can now capture more of the "little things," details, and the smiles on my son's face. No more blurriness and terrible exposure {and look at that bokeh}! You are a great teacher.  Thanks for everything!

ready for an intensive 10 week photography class?

join my ten week workshop, featuring five intensive studio sessions (every other week) where we'll discuss camera basics, finding good light, working with subjects, and beginning editing.  everyone will set a personal goal and, with support from me, will work to achieve that goal.  classroom experiences are enriched with discussions and assignments on a private facebook page and there is a strong emphasis on community within this course.  many of my participants remain friends long after the workshop is over, a handful have assisted me on photoshoots, and some have gone on to start their own businesses.  if you want to grow your photography skills, this is the place to do it!

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• basic photography skills are helpful and a DSLR is a must!  •

i'm ready to put my skills to the test

if you have taken my mentorship program or feel somewhat comfortable shooting aperture/shutter priority/manual mode, you are going to adore this BRAND NEW course!  each classroom session will be a photoshoot focusing on a different style of photography.  throughout the course we'll focus on families, seniors, and bridal photography; learning more about working with subjects, posing, backlighting, studios, off camera flash, and proper photography technique.  in this course, you can also expect lots of hands of experience and personalized attention from me!  ready to see put your skills to the test?  this is the perfect course for you!

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• you must have taken my mentoring workshop OR be pre-qualified prior to registration.  basic photography skills and a DSLR are a must.  •

questions?  email me at cyrissa@immersephotography.com - my team is happy to help you out!