yay! you're almost done...
activate our BRAND NEW text messaging feature!
i'm well aware that your inbox and social notifications are out of control and there's a high likelihood that you'll miss my messages.  so you're going to be the first to help me experiment with our new feature - text messaging!  can't wait to hear what you think!
{BRAND NEW} activate text messaging!

one more thing...

i'm a little worried my email may end up in your spam folder {and i'm sending you some important prep work soon}, so here's what i want you to do!  go into your email contacts and ADD ME as a new contact if you've never done that.  it will help my emails hit your inbox instead of spam.

my email is cyrissa@immersephotography.com and you can put my name in there as sparkle mamma, sparkle queen, sparkle lady.  ha ha ha!  whateves - just make sure i'm in those contacts, ok?  this is SO IMPORTANT!

xoxo, cyrissa
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