Free Live Masterclass: The 3 Easy Steps you must take to turn Likes into Leads and Inquiries into Income.

Identify the #1 question every successful business owner MUST ask themself before their efforts can actually make a positive impact on the people they love.


Discover the reasons why, despite working really hard, your business still isn't growing {so many people make this mistake and you shouldn't be one of them}.


Learn my 3-step system for consistently turning likes into leads and inquires into income; bringing in a steady stream of clients who are excited to hire you!

PLUS + Immediately apply what you've learned and execute my simple strategy to grow your business and dominate your local market!

LIVE ON Wednesday, July 22: 1PM EST, July 23: 9PM EST, July 26: 9PM EST
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What happens after the training?

You walk away empowered and energized - with renewed confidence in yourself and in your business.  You will find the followers and buyers you want in 2020.

All with coaching from me, Cyrissa!

Here's what students have to say
about workshops with Cyrissa:
You are meant to make an impact.

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with your online marketing strategy? 

Desperate for ways to grow your impact and your bottom line, but unsure of your next steps and afraid to waste time {or money} on things that don't work.

Or maybe you know exactly what you need to do... but when you sit down to actually do the work something stops you from reaching your full potential.

The truth is, your scarcity mindset is stopping you from having the life and business you want {and deserve}.

I have news for you, and it may come as a surprise if you feel like you are drowning in work {or a massive failure}...

It IS possible to run a thriving business with a well-designed marketing strategy AND maintain your health and happiness at the same time.

The journey isn't hard if you know which steps to take and, lucky for you, I'm going to point you in the right direction on my LIVE masterclass!

This will provide massive clarity and empower you to make big changes in your business, so long as you're willing to do the work.

I believe you can do this... the only question?  Are you ready to #glitterdone?

meet cyrissa.

As a young professional I planted my roots in academia, teaching art education at a highly-awarded district. I spent a decade pouring into the lives of thousands of students. Though I loved my job... I knew that I was called to more.

I bet you can relate.  Does your business or current career feel half-hearted most days? That lukewarm feeling of being less-than is the very same feeling that’s ignited my passion and allowed my business to grow into the six-figure success story it is today.

I’ve been able to help thousands of creative entrepreneurs, like yourself, turn their lukewarm businesses into something that shine brightly for the world to see. These businesses are making a difference and so can you!

I want to empower you to feel heard and get seen on social media.  I want you to be able to support your family.  And I want you to be able to share  your creative gifts with the world.

There's nothing I'd love more than to link arms and take the first step, together!  See you in class!

xoxo, Cyrissa

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