welcome to immerse workshops!

while we may have just "met" at wordcamp, i'd love to get to know you better and shine a light on your own photography journey.  you may be a pro photographer, you may be a creative entrepreneur, you may just want to learn more about photography and social media!  no matter where you are in your story, you are welcome here and i'm so excited to encourage you along your journey!  please introduce yourself and i'll send you some free downloads and goodies right away! xoxo, cyrissa

connect with me!

i'd love for you to post a photo during our time together today!  i'd highly suggest making a post that reflects your BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY from today's instagram lecture!  be sure to post using #immerseworkshops & #wcdayton so i can give you some feedback!

instagram is your jam!

  • why does instagram matter for my business?
  • are there basic account strategies i need to be using?
  • what do i post on my instagram account?
  • how do i find my ideal client on instagram?
  • what exactly is a hashtag, geotag, and photo tag and how do i use them?
  • how can i learn more?

are you a creative entrepreneur?

oh, i'm so happy you're here!  i have a master's degree in art education with ten years of classroom experience, and i'd love to show you some basic photography tricks that will rock your world!  both amateur and complete  beginners are welcome here!  i'll start you off with a FREE pdf sharing my top five photography tricks for small business owners!  if you like that, you're going to love everything else that i'll share with you!  let me know if you want to learn more with me and i'll see you in class!

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