flash sale strategy guide

a blueprint for successfully marketing
your limited time offer

owning your own business is a wild {and unpredictable} ride.

sometimes your bank account is busting at the seams... and other times, you just hope your credit card doesn't get declined at the grocery store.

it takes a strong woman to succeed & thoughtfully react when business isn't exactly booming!

hosting a flash sale is a SMART way to get a quick "win" for your business and make some fast cash.  i've put together my complete marketing plan in an easily adaptable format so you can successfully hustle your own limited time offer!

now you might be wondering... "how in the heck could i do this for my business and what are the exact things i need to do to make this a success {because i don't have time to fool around with things that don't work}?"

i understand your fears and your concerns.  as a busy mom myself, i get that you're sick of wasting your time and, if you're going to burn the midnight oil, it needs to be worth it.

so i've put together my tried and tested marketing principles to show you exactly how scarcity and urgency help drive customers to make decisions and lock in commitments.  by presenting your offer as a 'special',  you'll capitalize on your existing audience and generate the fast cash that you need for your business!


these tactics have been successfully used to generate sales in a local business, an online business and a network marketing partnership

the workshop lessons that i'm going to share with you can support black friday offers, limited edition products, clearance sales, birthday promotions, photography mini-sessions, and so much more!

what's included in your workshop?

video lesson crash course from cyrissa

you have questions.  i have answers. you'll waste ZERO time "figuring it out" because i'll explain the strategy behind every decision and task that i'm asking you to do.  by the time you're finished watching this lesson, you'll be empowered to start your first flashsale!  and the best part?  you can re-watch the lesson anytime you need a refresher! 

a checklist {so you don't forget anything} 

there's nothing more annoying or frustrating than realizing you forgot to do something SUPER important... like turning off your curling iron before leaving home.  because there are lots of moving parts to a flash sale, i'm giving you my exact checklist so that nothing is overlooked and none of your precious energy is wasted!

swipe copy for email & social media

don't have time to write the 4 emails and 6 social media posts that you'll need to successfully sell your offer? not sure how to integrate psychological triggers; increasing the likelihood that your audience listens and buys from you?  steal the emails and posts i use - customize them to fit your business and you're ready to roll!


these are techniques that i've used to generate thousands of dollars in revenue...

...in my pajamas
...while snuggling my kids
...over long weekends and holiday breaks

yup, it's true. you can do it too! wanna give it a whirl?


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