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I know why you're here, Sweet Soul....

As a photographer, the last thing you want to do is create content for a Facebook Group or have one more social media outlet to manage.  Right?  You'd rather be editing on your laptop in some cozy coffeehouse and frolicking through sun-drenched fields.  I get it.

Sometimes... having to deal with social media sucks.

But, you're smart and you've seen all the changes in Facebook over the last year.  You're aware that a huge majority of the posts you {and your clients} are being shown in your newsfeed are from Facebook Groups.  And, unlike many social media fads, based on Facebook's newest mission statement, I predict that this change is here to stay.

It doesn't have to be all gloom and doom, however!  Quite the contrary!  When done correctly, your Facebook Group can be a great source of community AND revenue for your business!  But, it's not going to grow itself.  Oh no, my dear.  It's going to take some creativity, a long-game mindset, and some hard work.

Are you up for the challenge of creating a thriving Facebook Group that adds value to your brand, helps you connect with your ideal client, and increases your sales?

I know that social media marketing can feel overwhelming and you may feel like your efforts aren't really moving your business forward.  And that's where you're wrong!  If you want your clients to invest in your business, you must first invest in their lives and then consistently get into their newsfeed!  Facebook groups are one of the easiest ways to make that happen!

Please don’t waste time wandering around the internet; trying to figure this out on your own!  I’ve already done that!  Let me give you my exact strategy so that you can get back to what matters – your business and your family.

In my *NEW* Facebook Groups workshop {formal name coming soon}, I'm going to help you understand why we're seeing all these changes in our Facebook newsfeed, how to create a group that people are excited to join, understanding {and using} Facebook Group insights to drive your decision making, growing your group, building community, and how to create content that brings authentic engagement!

I'm going to show you that your Facebook Group can be one of the most valuable and joy-filled parts of your creative business!

If you are ready to make a positive change for your photography business, I am ready to help you make it happen!  You don't have to do this alone!  I've worked with thousands of photographers and creative entrepreneurs; helping them develop their unique strategy and niche within the online space!

No matter if you’ve had a group for a while or are just starting out, I'll teach you what I've learned and show you how I’m easily able to bring in additional income to bless my family!  With some hustle and heart, you can do it too, my friend!  I’ll see you in class!

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Want to feel confident with your Facebook group; knowing that you're adding value your client's life and growing your business at the same time?  I'll show you exactly what I've done to nurture my own {profitable} Facebook groups, while having a ton of fun and building relationships along the way!  Your Facebook group does not have to be just one more thing on your to do list!  It can be a fabulous asset to your business and life!  Ready to #glitterdone?!

i'm going to show you how to create successful facebook groups in five easy to watch video lessons.  once finished, you'll have a roadmap for designing your own group, building community, and successfully promoting your content {without feeling spammy or gross}! here's what i'll teach ya:


    i’m going to show you how to decode Facebook’s mission statement and break-down the role group play in the newsfeed.  this lesson will change your perspective on it all!


    did you know that you can link your group to your page, comment as your page, create a custom URL, and all kinds of other fancy things?  when i’m done with you, your page will be all kinds of fabulous!


    studying your data is a SUREFIRE way to find out who is MOST interested in your business!  you won’t believe what i’m going to show you & how you can use it to increase sales!


    figure out exactly who you want to let into your group {spoiler alert: it’s NOT everyone} and then i can show you how to market to those people and grow your members!


    what exactly do you say and do when you actually get people into your group?!  i’m going to share exactly what i do to create content, get authentic engagement & build community!

in total: several hours of amazing content; all video based to make it easy for you to watch {or listen} wherever your busy life takes you!

create an awesome facebook group now!

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How do you know if you're right for the class?

if you can relate to the majority of these statements, you're going to LOVE this workshop!

  • you are frustrated with social media & can't keep up with the changes!
  • you are seeing a ton of groups in your newsfeed & want yours to be seen too!
  • you want to build authentic relationships with your clients {but don't know how}!
  • you find that creating content to post in your group is overwhelming & exhausting!
  • you are motivated and willing to work hard to develop a thriving group!
  • you want your clients to feel that investing in your business is less of a risk and more of a reward!
  • you don't have time to run around online and figure this out on your own!
  • you want your business to be a BLESSING and not a burden on your life!

I'm ready to find success with social media, get seen in the newsfeed, use data to inform my decision making, build authentic relationships with my clients, and bring in more revenue for my business so I can bless my family!

book your seat & start creating a group immediately!

the complete workshop is only $49!

love letters from past students!

  • coming soon

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this workshop was designed for creative entrepreneurs who are just starting or have a lackluster Facebook group.  if you already have a strong Facebook group and are getting great engagement, this probably isn't the workshop for you!  want to know for sure?  send me an email and let's chat!  cyrissa@immersephotography.com

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