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Hello My Sweet Soul!


As a creative entrepreneur, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is email marketing!  I know you spend your days dreaming about your art, your services, and your products.  You know you have something beautiful to share with the world and are eager to do so... the only problem?  You get so wrapped up in creating the magic that your completely forget that you need to be sharing and selling your art with strategy and purpose.  Sounds familiar, right?


I cannot wait to show you the incredible world of email marketing!  It has literally been a game changer for my own business and has enabled me to sell-out an entire season of sessions in a matter of minutes!  But, it didn't happen overnight.  Oh no, my dear.  It's taken hard work, brainstorming with some of the best minds in the business, creativity, persistence and, you guessed it - an email list!


Your email list is WAY more than a newsletter!  It's your key to success and longevity in this business!


Let me give you a little backstory: while I may have a six-figure company now, it hasn't always been like this!  In fact, when I left my full time teaching position {I taught elementary art for ten beloved years} I had ZERO business, marketing, or sales education.  My Master's in Art Education served my photography technique well... but I had to learn to be a business woman all on my own!  I remember hearing about email lists and learning about opt-ins… and being completely confused!


Please don’t waste time wandering around the internet; trying to figure this out on your own!  I’ve already done that!  Let me make it easy for you so that you can get back to what matters – your business and your family.


In my Email Marketing workshop, I'm going to help you understand why a list matters, how to use and actually get people on your list, the best tools to use, how to set-up your account, create templates, use automation to save time, best practices in social media marketing, and so much more!  I'm even planning on show you my exact strategy for selling out and you can even use my exact emails if you want!  I know it feels intimidating, but I'm going to make it so simple for you!  I promise!


I'm going to show you how to design an email marketing plan that not only helps you grow your business more effectively, but it also helps you protect your business, save time {we’re talking hours and hours}, increase bookings and see higher sales!   It’s everything you need to know to create an email list, attract and market to your ideal client, and create a strategy that sets you up for continued success! 


If you are ready to make a positive change for your creative business, I am ready to help you make it happen!  You don't have to do this alone!  I've worked with thousands of photographers and creative entrepreneurs; helping them develop their unique strategy and niche within the online space!


No matter if you’re a complete beginner or have casually started an email list, I'll teach you what I've learned and show you how I’m easily able to communicate with thousands of clients every single week!  With some hustle and heart, you can do it too, my friend!  I’ll see you in class!

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Want to know how I consistently sell out an entire season of photoshoots in under two hours {with a personal best of selling 34 sessions in just eight minutes AFTER I had just raised prices}?!  Are you seeing a decrease in your social media reach and want a consistent way to communicate with your clients?!  Are you sick of being a slave to your computer and email inbox?!  Want to spend more time with your family and friends?!  Are you in desperate need of an assistant - but don't have the funds to hire someone?  Girlfriend, email marketing is everything you need to solve ALL of those problems!  Ready to #glitterdone?!


Not sure an email list can help you?!  Brilliant business owners and hand-lettering experts, Jordan & Jillian, from Loveleigh Loops saw massive success after completing the workshop!

email marketing includes six lessons; designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs {photographers and non-photographers alike}!  here's what i'll teach ya!


    and why, if forced to choose, i’d keep my email list over my studio!  it’s that important!  and how i’ve turned my email into an assistant!


    spoiler alert: this is WAY more than a newsletter!  email marketing gets you in front of your ideal client {and keeps you on their mind}!


    there are lots of options!  let’s find the one that best meets your needs, is the easiest to understand, and why studio management tools are totally different!


    i’m going to let you watch my screen as i set-up a brand new account and prepare for my clients!  this will be a step-by-step how to video so you can hit the ground running!


    creating templates, auto-responders {that book and sell for you}, and advanced strategies to help you deliver exactly what your clients want!


    understanding {and avoiding} spam filters, designing emails that get clicks and opens, and the crazy psychological relationships people have with their inbox.

and yes.  i'll even show you my exact booking strategy {it's how i sell-out in minutes} and, if you're a photographer, you'll have a chance to add on your own copy of all of my emails*!

* these emails are written for photographers and, unlike the workshop, they won't be applicable to all industries.  as such, they are not included in sparkle mail and are an additional {but small} purchase!  this helps me keep tuition lower for everyone!  #winning

in total: several hours of amazing content; all video based to make it easy for you to watch {or listen} wherever your busy life takes you!

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love letters from sparkle mail grads!

  • I was worried that the strategies were going to be too much for me to manage on top of my full time job.  But, by explaining how to set up the four emails that go out automatically after the first one is sent, I have already set them up AND proved to me that I can do this!  Definitely make the investment! Cyrissa breaks it down step by step, and doesn't just skim over the content like I've seen other business coaches do!
    sara davis portraits sara davis portraits
  • Cyrissa delivers!  So much greatness!  Loved learning about customizing Mailchimp, talking about on how to get opt-ins, then actually setting-up and using my email list!
    leah leah leah vazquez photography
  • I have a digital marketing background, so while already knew some of the basic principles, I only had experience with large companies.  Seeing how Cyrissa broke the information down for a small business helped me understand how to put all my experience to work for me; especially what you can do with automating systems.  If you don't have experience in email marketing, this is a great option for understanding the potential it has for your business!
    tricia tricia t.h.e. photography
  • I'm so glad I decided to take the sparkle mail course.  I feel like I've been spinning my wheels and not really knowing what to do to keep growing my business, make more sales and work smarter.  This workshop was simple and in an easy to understand format with demonstrations.  I was able to go at my own pace [watched all videos in one day!] and made changes to my business that same day. So thankful to have this important information that I can reference whenever I need!  Thank you, Cyrissa!!
    jenny jenny jenny beck photography
  • I had a fear of creating an email list but Cyrissa made it easy to create a Mail Chimp list by actually showing the process.  By creating emails and scheduling them for delivery made it so easy and saved time!! My fall dates are already almost sold out!

    Gina Gina Gina Wiseman Photography
  • I was concerned that Sparkle Mail might just be another training course that is delivered in long videos that I never get time to watch, but Cyrissa's videos were short, easy to watch, and were just the kick I need to get on and grow my list for my new business. I could watch Cyrissa all day long. She makes her training so light and engaging that you are eager to get to the next video. They're easy to digest and if life gets in the way, they're short enough to come back to and not be lost! I loved learning how to grow my list through Facebook ads and how to retarget my list with them as well.
    Lyn Lyn Lyn Marie Branding

How do you know if you're right for the class?

if you can relate to seven out of these ten statements, you're going to LOVE this workshop!

  • you want more consistent bookings and would love to say "i'm sold out!"
  • you would NOT consider yourself an "experienced" email management system user {yet}!
  • you're seeing decreased reach on your social media channels!
  • you love your family and friends more than anything!
  • you don't really understand why an email list is important... but you know you need one.
  • you're sick of selling on social media all the freaking time and feel spammy!
  • you don't have time to run around online and figure this out on your own!
  • you need an assistant {but can't afford one yet}
  • you have NOT customized, optimized, and embedded your email sign-up forms!
  • you want your business to be a BLESSING and not a burden on your life!

I'm ready to rock email marketing like a boss, grow my list, increase bookings, and have more time with my family and friends!

claim your seat now!

the workshop is just $79!

love letters from sparkle mail grads!

  • I have been using Mailchimp and collecting emails for years, but there was still information that I didn't know! This workshop gave me confidence; when I heard the numbers about how many people actually open, read, and respond to emails - I realized that my current efforts were actually performing better than I thought!  Plus, learning how to customize your Mailchimp forms was so helpful, I'm making that change!  If you're on the fence, do it! Everyone in the photography business is constantly talking about email lists and you just have to do it!  This class is definitely the way to go!
    kristina kristina kristina rose photography
  • Sparkle Mail definitely gave me the confidence (and reminder) of how valuable email marketing is to my business, and some very creative ways that I can use email to serve my clients and my business well.  If you don't know much about email marketing, but know you need to figure it out in order to build a sustainable business, Cyrissa kindly and smartly walks you through how to get started.
    kristen kristen kristen lynette photography
  • Cyrissa walked through setting up your account and all the options on how you can manage your account to best suit your business and your clients.The whole thing was amazing but I'd have to say the biggest game changer was learning that you can set up different groups for your email list(s). The videos were short and easy to watch, but not skimpy on material. I watched them and completed everything in a little over a week, but you could easily do it in a couple days or stretch it out longer.
    michelle michelle rocking r&r photography
  • The step-by-step teaching breakdown made it easy for my non-email brain to handle. THANK YOU!!  I've added a set of 3 welcome emails and added an opt-in as well!  I've already had 5 new sign ups this weekend!  Set some time and money aside (even if it hurts) because this class will bring all of that back to you ten-fold! Trust Cyrissa!! Homegirl knows what she's doing! 😉
    elizabeth elizabeth simpson photography
  • I was worried that i would't be able to understand the details of the set-up.  But Cyrissa walked me through the set-up, step by step!  I loved Sparkle Mail because I learned how to save time and think everyone should the class to build your business!

    Dorian Dorian DhGrant Photography
  • Honestly I had zero fear going into this because Cyrissa is a genius at giving you the support and confidence you need and Sparkle Mail was no different. It will be a game changer for my business. I loved Sparkle Mail and learned so many details! It is a great investment. Find the time to do it ASAP!

    Veronica Veronica vemb photography

this mini-workshop was designed for beginning and less-than-confidence email marketing users.  if you've been rocking an email list for a while and feel somewhat confident with your strategy, this probably isn't the workshop for you!  want to know for sure?  send me an email and let's chat!

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