let's showcase your personality AND bump up your engagement at the same time!

ok, babe.  it's time to take action and start to implement some changes in your social media strategy.  these are three of my favorite posting ideas.  they'll help you get engagement, let your personality shine and, most importantly, empower you to build relationships and attract your dream clients!

together, we're going to grow your business!
xoxo, cyrissa
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"When people learn what I do for a living, they always assume that I love {INSERT AN ASPECT OF YOUR JOB.}

While that's true, there may be some things you don't know about me! 

So we're going to play a game: two truths and a lie!  Which one of these things do you think is a lie?

β†’ {LIE}
β†’ {TRUTH}
β†’ {TRUTH}

I'll tell you the right answer tomorrow!  xoxo, {YOUR NAME}"

🀳🏻 use a silly photo of yourself - the goal here is to catch their eye!


Share your gifts and show your clients how well you can serve them or meet their needs! 

What's one thing you do well? Serving? Entertaining?  Attention to detail?  Creativity?

As hard as it is to talk about yourself, make a post that communicates:

 "{THIS THING} is really important to me, so I make sure all of my clients experience it when they work with me."  Share as many details as needed!

πŸ₯° share a photo of one of your fave clients {be sure to tag them}!

Open Instagram and explore your insights.  Tap "see all" and then sort for ALLβ†’3 MONTHS β†’ ENGAGEMENT.

This will show you the type of content your audience engages with the most.  Make note of any trends you discovered.

Keeping those observations in mind, make a post that shares the story of how and why you started your business.

End by asking them about their first job and if they loved or hated it!

πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’» take a layflat including objects that represent you
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